When Can Toddlers Lean Over without Falling While Playing?

When Toddlers Learn to Lean Over

When do toddlers lean out? When can they balance themselves without tipping over? Mums are rightly curious about their babies’ capabilities and want to know more. This is especially true for those raising 24-month-old toddlers. Relax – it’s almost time. Very soon your little one will be leaning over too!

Babies grow really fast and before you know it, your 24-month-old toddler is busy walking and running around to explore new things. He always wants to do more and is physically very active. However, every child is different and you shouldn’t panic if another child of the same age is doing much more than your own toddler. This includes bending over without falling.

The Process of Toddlers Learning to Bend While Playing

1. Leaning out

Before bending over, a child first begins to lean out. During this time, he also learns to walk alone and walk backwards. If you see your 24-month-old leaning in without falling to pick up something. it’s only a matter of time before he bends over. Soon, he will learn to squat and then jump in the same place.

2. Baby Bending over While Playing

Parents should provide ample opportunities for toddlers to play by organising fun activities. Activities like playing ball by picking up the ball from the ground will help your toddler learn to lean over while balancing his body.

3. Peer-to-peer Learning

Toddlers learn a lot while playing with other kids their age. It’s very important for you as a parent to stipulate playtime for your toddler and take him to the park where he can play and engage with other kids. This will also provide him a stimulating environment for peer-to-peer learning.

4. 2-year-old Bending over through Dance

Who doesn’t love to shake a leg? Toddlers enjoy dancing as much as adults. The best part is that it can be used to teach kids how to balance their bodies while making different movements, including leaning in and bending over. Dance with your child to any music and let him imitate your movements. Twist and turn and bend. He’ll be eager to copy you!

5. More Fun Activities to Develop Balance

  • Get some soft balls in different colors and throw them in the garden. Ask your toddler to get the blue or red ball. This activity will teach him to identify colours as well as lean over to pick the ball without falling.
  • Another activity to try is going up and climbing down stairs. It will train your baby to maintain his balance while leaning backwards or bending forward to do the same. Do make sure you’re with him at all times, ready to catch him if he falls.
  • Singing nursery rhymes with coordinated body movements is a third exercise to engage your toddler in. It involves the movement of the hands, fingers, face. and the body such as bending forward and backwards.

So, when can you expect your toddler to lean over without falling? By the age of 30-36 months, he should be able to bend without his legs spread far apart. These tips and tricks will help him retain his balance better, so that he can achieve the milestone without too many hindrances.

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