Tips When Guests Don't RSVP Kids Birthday Party Invitations

When Guests Don’t RSVP Birthday Party Invites

Have you sent invitations out for your kid’s birthday party without hearing back from anyone? It can be a tad stressful, especially if there are only a few days left for the party. Use these tips when guests don’t RSVP children birthday party invitations and make some peace with your guest list.

Don’t want your child’s birthday party to fail thanks to the annoying people on the guest list who refuse to revert? Don’t hesitate to follow up. The trick is to keep reminding your guests of the event two weeks in advance. If that fails, here are some other tips you can employ for a fail-proof party attendance.

4 Ways to Deal with Guests Who Don’t RSVP Birthday Party Invites

1. Call up

Although you may not want to, you need to follow up with people a week before the party. You need to know how many kids will be turning up for the bash. If you asked your little one to hand out invitation to his friends, parents might not have seen it. Try creating a group on WhatsApp and add all the moms. One broadcast message should do the trick. If some have still not RSVP’d, try calling.

2. School party

If many kids’ parents don’t RSVP, you can always shift the party to school. You can seek permission for your little one to cut his cake with his friends in class. This will save you the trouble of having a big bash and organising people together. He’ll enjoy having all his friends sing for him. In the evening, the entire family can take him out for a game night followed by dinner. Makes more sense, doesn’t it? This is one of the safest tips when guests don’t RSVP children birthday party invitations.

3. Backup idea

People might decide to not bring their kids to the party at the last minute. What do you then? Well, you should have always had a backup plan. Instead of ordering a 4-pound cake, why not get a lot of cupcakes to form a cake? This is great because if kids don’t turn up, you can always send the cupcakes to school the next day.

4. Reschedule

If push comes to shove, you may have to reschedule the party. If you need help, call friends or family and ask them for suggestions. If your child’s birthday is on a Friday, you can always reschedule for Sunday. If you do that, more children will be able to make it. Also, parents will also be able to accompany them with Sunday being a holiday. You can always plan something with your immediate family on the main day. Explain to your kid why you intend to shift the party date.

Don’t stress over the possibility of a low attendance at your kid’s party. The important thing is that he is happy with the party. Even if a few people turn up, throw a party that your little one won’t forget. If all else fails, make sure you have an awesome gift to compensate. Few things compare to that doll house or the ninja warrior sword your child has been wanting. So what to do when guests don’t RSVP birthday party invitations? Well! Get ready to improvise!

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