Post Workout Muscle Soreness - Causes & Treatment

When Body Pain Hampers your Fitness Challenge

A workout can be exhilarating. However, post workout muscle soreness can dampen your enthusiasm for the next day. Right from running after your kids in the morning to doing laundry, the soreness can make things tough. Don’t quit and bounce back to the gym. The pain will soon vanish.

Don’t let body pain after a workout get to you. Rather, embrace the pain and get set to jump back into your fitness routine, albeit with a little caution. Stick with your fitness challenge and all will be fine. Here are some ways that can help you cope with muscle soreness after a wrong deadlift or snake pose.

What is Muscle Soreness and What You Should Know

1. Roll to Recovery

Why do muscles get sore? It’s a sign of dedication to your weight loss goals. How do you deal with it? Use foam rollers for a great massage on the affected area. This inexpensive aid will help the blood flow to your muscles because they apply the necessary pressure on the affected area. You can decide to work on the muscles that need a lift. This is a great way of dealing with muscle soreness.

2. Stretch Back to Normal

Should you workout with sore muscles? No, but you should engage in light exercises to avoid your muscles from tightening up. When you limber up, it helps relax the muscles say fitness experts. However, stretching muscles that are sore can lead to an injury. A light warm up is recommended before stretching. Working out with sore muscles should be avoided for at least a day after the injury.

Toe Stretching

3. Heat Therapy

What are some of the remedies for sore muscles after working out? For starters take heat therapy. Warm temperatures can stimulate the blood flow to muscles effectively, say experts. You can take a hot water bath too. If the pain is isolated, applying heat directly can do the trick. Proven treatments for sore muscles include wearing heating pads under your clothes as well.

4. Protein Boost

Yes! There are foods that help with muscle soreness. A diet rich in proteins can help loosen your muscles. Foods that give you amino acids will help build your body issue. Adequate protein helps restore cells and build new ones, particularly if you have sore muscles. Protein intake for women should be around 46 grams. Also, make sure that you don’t skip meals if you aren’t feeling well. This could add to your muscle miseries. Take time to tend to yourself and things will start to look up. ||

5. Hydration Helps

Your muscles, in order to regenerate, require water. It would be advisable for you to drink at least a 20-24oz bottle of water after every hour of exercise. This will prevent your muscles from tightening up and becoming sore. Why stop a workout when you can work on your post workout muscle soreness!

Eventually, the pain will subside and you can go back to feeling good again. Muscle soreness can also result from a gap in your fitness routine. How to prevent muscle soreness? Don’t stop going to the gym and striving to reach your fitness goals!

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