Reasons Why You Love Your Husbands' Beard

What you Didn’t Know About The Male Beard

Men with body fuzz and beards are making heads turn and how. No longer considered unkempt, non-motivated or untidy, they’re giving tough competition to those sporting a well-groomed, clean-cut look. Yes, it’s time to know the reasons why your husband’s beard is hot and happening!

Gone are the days when moms equated business success and good looks with men who weren’t hairy or rugged looking. Today, the enticement factors lie elsewhere. Women of this generation are branding bearded men as independent, strong, talented, and wise. If you need more adjectives, add virile, mature and wild too! Now that you’ve taken that slanting look at him and know that you love your husband’s beard, get ready to underline the reasons.

5 Good Reasons your Husband’s Beard is Hot

1. He looks more masculine and primal

His one-day old stubble may graze your cheeks during those fleeting kisses, but then, it makes him look manlier—right? Sexy and rebellious too. Also, there’s something about your hubby’s beard that makes him appear dashing beyond comparison – morning, evening and night. At parties or while addressing a meet, he garners more attention than others. No wonder you best love him unshaven.

2. Kissing moments are more pleasurable

Kissing a bearded face adds another dimension to your secret moments – feeling ticklish! There’s a very different (think “aggressive”) kind of feel to making out in bed with a man boasting of facial growth. Have your bedroom acts not become all the more enjoyable after he’s grown a beard? Okay lady, get ready for more free skin scratches!

3. His beard makes you want to pet him

Legend says that husbands with beards are more likely to behave like an adorable pet that needs to be stroked, patted or simply fondled. What’s better than touching his brawny skin and igniting the passion in his nerve endings? Remember, bare facial skin can be smooth and boring and leave you feeling as if it’s your own! No small wonder that he sees you grimacing when he’s reaching out for his razor!

4. He relives your lumbersexual dreams

If you have grown up with hidden desires of making love to a rugged, tough husband, then you’re definitely enjoying the real thing. The beard on your husband’s face makes you think macho and confident. Your man can probably make his own bricks, build fires, or hull heavy logs – or so you fantasize! Phew, it’s already getting sultry.

5. It makes him look so good Period

Your husband looks super desirable in a smartly stitched button up shirt or a three-piece suit, especially with that trademark beard in place. He stands apart in a crowd and presents a unique blend of being stylish and strappy at the same time. Hotness!

Now, aren’t these reasons enough for loving the way he looks? On a naughty note, somewhere deep down there, his beard is an assurance of how manly yet affectionate he is. More reasons to love that fuzz then, right?

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