Water Therapy for Weight Loss - Benefits & Procedure

Water Therapy to Lose Fat – How Drinking Water Can Help With Weight Loss

Since time immemorial, you must have heard that the hydration method for shedding unwanted fat from the body results in clean energy in the body. Water is the main solvent that perpetuates metabolism and assimilation of vitamins and minerals in the body. Water also flushes out the toxins accumulated in the blood – it is an essential element which helps in the proper functioning of the body. This mechanism of water therapy also cures ailments like throat diseases, bronchitis, palpitations, epilepsy, endocrine disorders and constipation apart from fighting obesity.

What is Water Therapy?

Water is known to play a vital role in performing all the functions of the body. It is of paramount importance that the body’s water reserve is continuously replenished to spontaneously enjoy a host of other benefits. It is important to know that the quantity of water to be consumed should be half the person’s body weight. Water therapy demands one and a half litres of water to be drunk immediately after waking up in the morning, and following a proper schedule of drinking water before brushing your teeth and drinking one’s morning beverage after 45 minutes. You must also ensure that nothing is consumed for at least two hours after every meal.

Benefits of Water Therapy for Weight Loss

Water therapy provides a myriad of therapeutic benefits by following a simple regime. Drinking water as an activity done first thing in the morning is required for water therapy, which can create an amazing detoxifying effect and maintain the right pH balance. It helps in removing blemishes and acne, and increases the radiance and glow of the skin wonderfully. It prevents bloating and constipation, and improves digestion and regulates the appetite. The therapy leaves one looking gorgeous and stunning. Water helps in the generation of new cells and prevents diseases like asthma, kidney stones, sinusitis, hypertension, migraine and arthritis. Sufficient water in the body is the secret of muscle, skin and joint health. It can thus leave you energized and rejuvenated, and take care of your overall well-being.

water helps in removing toxins from the body, which can cause a glow in the skin

How to Do Water Therapy for Weight Loss

Water therapy for weight loss procedure is very easy and simple. The following steps should be followed for practising water therapy:

  • Have a sound sleep at night so that you wake up and have a trouble-free mind.
  • Drink minimum 400 – 600 ml water before you go to the washroom to brush your teeth.
  • The process of brushing your teeth should begin after drinking water.
  • You must avoid consuming anything for at least 45 minutes after that as that is the time considered for the water to work inside the body.
  • You must eat your breakfast after a lapse of 45 minutes of drinking water.
  • To achieve the best results, you must remember to avoid eating anything for at least 2 hours after meals.
  • The effect of the therapy, if done regularly, will show positive results within two to three months.

water therapy for weight loss


Water therapy to lose weight has given many positive and successful results. Many people find it difficult to believe in the efficacy of water therapy and still wonder: can water therapy help lose weight? Many people are surprised that water therapy is actually effective. Below, we answer some FAQs about water therapy for weight loss:

1. What is the Preferred Temperature of Drinking Water for Weight Loss Therapy?

Cold water therapy for weight loss is considered to be very effective as the body has to make extra effort to warm it. But generally speaking, water between 50 and 72 degrees re-hydrates the body quickly because the process of absorption works faster. It is difficult to ascertain cold, or room temperature water is better for the body, but the final opinion is that drinking water is essential to keep the body hydrated regardless of the temperature. Whichever temperature makes a person feel encouraged to drink water should be preferred.

2. Should I Gulp the Water Down or Drink It Slowly?

An effective way that helps the body shed weight is water therapy. The obvious reason that water should be sipped and not gulped down fast is that the body actually isn’t able to absorb it all. Most of the water drunk will just run through the body without allowing it to retain most of it. Researches have proven that water should first be swished in the mouth, and also that sipping water helps to ease the digestive process. Water therapy for weight loss side effects trigger off when it is drunk in excess. Water intoxication, which is a result of excess water, can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

It is difficult to melt stubborn fat in the body. A dehydrated body will not burn calories very efficiently. The remedy is a potent drink which reboots the body in the morning and starts off weight loss. If you adopt the habit of drinking plain water just after waking up, the body will be happy and disease-free as it helps in cleaning the body internally and removes toxins. This, in turn, makes the skin healthy and reflects in the glow of the skin.

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