10 Qualities Good Manager Should Have to Lead a Team

Want to Become a Good Manager? These Are the Qualities You Must Possess

In every company, there needs to be that one person who makes sure that everyone is working towards the same goals and putting their work out on time so that the tasks and operations flow smoothly. This person is the manager. A manager’s job is not an easy one as he or she will need to keep the employees and projects moving in harmony with one another. Getting the position of a manager is something that many people work eagerly towards, but not everybody is capable of being a good manager. There are certain qualities that a person needs to possess to be considered as someone who will be leading a team.

Qualities That Good Manager Should Possess

If you have just been promoted to a managerial position or are aiming to become one shortly, it will help to know what the qualities of a good manager are. Here are some qualities of an effective manager:

1. Experience

Without actual work experience in the field, it will be very difficult to know how to lead a team to ensure that everyone works towards a common goal, in the best interests of the company. A good manager should have the experience needed so that he or she will be able to make better decisions for the team. You can try to either gain experience in your actual field of work or volunteer for other events or positions where you will get the needed experience to become a manager in a certain field.

2. Knowledge

Going hand in hand with experience, there is a knowledge base gained by those who have been doing the job. It is very important to have actually studied about the field in question, because you will make a much better manager if you know how things work from top to bottom. Take advantage of your work experience to learn as much as you can or enrol in short-term courses for the same.

3. Time Management

Time management is very important because a manager also sets an example for those who are on the team. If you are always late, your employees may take this to mean that it is okay if they are also late to work. Time management is also a very important quality for a manager to develop because it will mean the difference between good quality work delivered on time and rushed work that does not quite meet the standards. To complete a project, good time management is essential.

4. Delegation

A lot of people have an attitude where they feel like something will only get done the right way if they do it by themselves. This is the type of mentality a manager should not have. As a manager, you should know how to delegate tasks to the rest of the team so that the work can be completed better. You will need to pick the right person for the right job and make sure that everyone works in harmony with each other.

5. Respect for Employees

Managers who do not respect their employees often find it hard to get the job done right. Employees are people too, and deserve respect and understanding. If you are a good manager to them, they will reward you with hard work and dedication as they will feel valued, and not used and overworked.

Respect employees

6. Leadership

Being able to lead a team of people is not something that everyone is capable of. Each person is different and will have their own pros and cons. Knowing how to manage everyone and ensuring that each employee performs to the best of his or her potential is the key to being a manager and a good leader.

7. Communication

Good communication is vital to being a good manager. Communicating the needs of the organisation or the project at hand and making sure that everyone knows the parts that they will need to play is important. With bad communication comes misunderstandings and incomplete or poorly done work. As a manager, you should always check to see whether your employees can understand what you need from them. Solving problems between employees is also another place where your communication skills may come in handy and will be very much needed.

8. Organisation

Being organised will make or break your position. You will need to make sure that everything you have is in order because you are managing a team of people who will depend on you for guidance and leadership. Your team cannot be organised if you are not organised yourself. For those of you who may have trouble with keeping everything organised, you can check online for information on how you can do this. Daily planners and year planners are essential tools for keeping yourself well-organised and ready for action. Being good at organising also means you should be good at planning and delegating.

9. Reliability

A reliable manager will be able to lead the team to success in whatever task is undertaken. If your team cannot rely on you to be there for guidance and support, they too will not be able to put forth their best efforts at the job at hand. You need to make sure you have enough time in a day to be there for your team, even if it is just so that they know that you’ll be there if they need you. You need to be there ready to guide them and to solve any issues that may come about. Keeping your promise and doing what you said you would do is another way that you can be reliable and set a good example for your team.

10. Confidence

Being confident is a far cry from being arrogant, but unfortunately, many don’t understand this. The confidence you need as a manager should be in yourself and in your abilities. You should not doubt yourself or the decisions that you make as this will only cause your team to be less confident in their work also. You should not throw your weight around and call that confidence. If you need to take a risk, do it believing that you are making the right decision. This will show confidence to those under you.

Have confidence in yourself

How Can You Become a Good Manager?

Here are some tips on how to become an effective manager:

  • Work hard towards your goals and always take the opportunity to learn more and gain experiences.
  • Make it a habit to lay out good business plans and keep yourself organised so that you will be able to perform your duties smoothly and effectively.

Be organised as a boss

  • Be honest in your work and always have a sense of accountability as you are responsible for yourself and your team. If they mess up, you will be the one to have to answer for it. So, ensure that you always do a good job.
  • Be positive and lead your team with encouragement, understanding and confidence. Be approachable so that your team will feel like they can come to you with problems that they are facing. You will be able to make a positive difference, grow a better team and ensure better performance in work projects by your team members.

Being a manager is a tough job that requires hard decisions and a lot of dedication. It is certainly a step up and a position that anyone should be proud to step into, but there are certain characteristics and qualities that a good manager should have. Working hard is a part of it, but knowing your job, your team and your goals, and taking steps to fulfil requirements with confidence is what being a great manager is all about.

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