Valentine’s Day Hairclip DIY For Kids

Valentine Heart Hair-Clip

Does your little princess fancy snap-clips? If Yes, do not miss to design these lovely heart-shaped clips for her this Valentine’s Day. Follow a few simple steps and make numerous clips for all her favourite outfits.

Things Required

  • 2-3 small (3/4-inch long) girls snap-clips. (Ensure that they are plane and have nothing glued on them)
  • A Fuchsia Felt Bundle
  • Cotton Embroidery Thread


    • Cut out one large heart from any colour Felt.
    • Cut another heart of smaller size from a different colour Felt. final

  • Trace the outline of the smaller heart on the larger heart cut-out.
  • Now cut around the outside of this traced marking with the help of pinking shears. Ensure the zig-zags appear neat. This makes the back felt.
  • Now snip a tiny hole on one side of the back felt piece, as shown in the image.
  • Slide the smaller arm of the clip through this little opening such that the bigger arm appears on the front side of the back piece
  • Snap the hair clip shut.
  • Now place the smaller heart over the outline drawn on the bigger heart such that the pinked edges frame the smaller heart neatly.
  • Stitch the two hearts together using the embroidery thread, as shown in the image.

Your beautiful handmade snap-clip is ready! Make many such heart shaped snap-clips, using different colour felt and see your daughter flaunt them this Valentine’s Day.

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