Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Is It Possible?

Trying Acupuncture for Weight Loss? – Here’s The Fact Behind It

It is extremely easy to pile on kilos but when it to comes to losing weight – we often find ourselves struggling. We try everything to lose weight, but nothing seems to work. However, many alternative weight loss methods are known to help one lose weight – acupuncture being one of them. Read on to know more about using acupuncture for weight loss.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of using fine needles for stimulating certain points in our body for preventing or curing some ailments. The practitioners of this technique believe that these simulations can help in managing various kinds of pains such as a headache, neck pain, joint pain, etc. However, there is also some evidence available, which corroborates the efficacy of this practice in aiding weight loss. Nowadays many people are opting for this method of weight loss.

However, more than anything else, acupuncture is a belief system that will work for you if you believe in it. If you develop a positive attitude, it may help you fetch results real soon. When you feel the sessions are helping you, you may get motivated to make other lifestyle changes too, which in turn, may prove to be beneficial in making you feel better and healthier. So, if you think you can benefit from acupuncture, we suggest that you give it a try.

How Does Acupuncture Help One Lose Weight?

So, how does getting poked with needles can actually be effective in losing those extra kilos? Well, strange as it may sound, it does work. The practitioners of this technique are of the belief that acupuncture is an effective way of channelising the energy of the body towards weight loss by stimulating various acupuncture weight loss points. Various medical issues may crop up when the energy flow in the body gets disrupted or when the energy flow gets blocked, leading to various problems, and weight gain is one such problem. This disrupted energy flow or chi can impact various factors that influence weight loss.

However, acupuncture can get the blocked energy flow to get flowing again. In other words, various points in the body will be stimulated. This may help in reducing the stress levels, reducing the appetite, enhancing metabolism and curbing hunger pangs, in short, all these aspects together may target towards weight loss. The advocates of this technique also believe that weight gain occurs when there is malfunctioning of various organs in our body. Therefore, to achieve weight loss benefits, all these organs need to function properly, and for that, the acupuncture points of these organs need to be stimulated, which include kidney, liver, spleen endocrine system and thyroid glands.

Apart from targeting these points, stimulating the acupuncture points in the ear for weight loss is a great way of losing weight. The stimulation of the points in your ears may help in controlling food cravings. This practice is quite similar to what is generally practised for helping the alcoholics or drug addicts.

However, do not think that this technique can perform magic and make you lose the flab or melt it within no time. Instead, it helps you get into a state of mind and help your body to function better, which in turn, may help you lose weight. So, there are no miracles that are going to happen, but sheer perseverance and dedication are required on your part for acupuncture to work for you.

Acupressure points behind ears

How Many Sessions Will You Require?

If you are thinking that getting yourself poked with needles for once will do the trick, well that is not the case. Just the way, a single workout session at the gym or a day’s run cannot fetch you any fruitful results, the same rule applies for acupuncture. You need to be patient and consistent with this practice. If you want to see results, you need to stay focused and make changes in your lifestyle along with a positive approach towards life. Also, acupuncture treatment may vary from one practitioner to another. The length and intensity of the treatment may be determined after analysing your condition and other associated factors.

However, on an average, if you are planning on losing anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds, you may roughly require several sessions a week for almost two to three months. But the length of the treatment may totally depend on your progress and how well you may be adapting to the technique. In short, there are no fixed sessions, and they may vary as per individual needs. If you are looking for acupuncture for weight loss at home, you may look out for practitioners who provide treatments at homes.

Possible Side Effects of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a very safe procedure; however, the probable side-effects may depend on the expertise and experience of the professional offering the treatment. Therefore, to minimise your chances of any risks or side-effects, it is important that you seek treatment from an experienced and well-renowned therapist only. However, sometimes certain complications or side-effects may occur that may include the following:

  • You may experience soreness or bleeding at the puncture sites.
  • You may develop an infection.
  • Sometimes organs punctures may happen due to improper needle insertion.
  • You may sustain an injury to the central nervous system.
  • In extreme cases, lung punctures may happen too.

Acupuncture may assist and help you lose weight. However, it is essential that you discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with your practitioner. Let your practitioner know If you are suffering from any ailments such as a weakened immune system, bleeding disorder or other such conditions. Also, let your acupuncture practitioner know if you are taking medications such as blood thinners.

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