The Importance of Trust in a Relationship - Signs You Trust Your Partner

Trust in a Relationship – Importance of Being True to Your Partner

Trust is like the ABC of relationships. Without trust, you can’t make sentences and journey through your love story. But trust is a lot more than just feeling safe enough with your spouse for sex or having casual conversations. Let’s explore what it is and how you can go about building it.

Why is Trust in a Relationship Important?

Relationships are like partnerships. They cannot thrive unless both parties mutually trust and work with each other. You don’t have to be the perfect human to win over your spouse, just a little bit of trust and you’re setting up a long life with them.

Importance of Trust in a Relationship

  • Trust talks about your level of commitment in the relationship.
  • It lets you know whether you’re suited to each other.
  • Having a deep level of trust is the building block for longlasting and fulfilling relationships.

Signs You Can Trust Your Partner

Do you want to know what signs let couples learn that they have a good level of trust in each other? Here they are:

1. Open Conversations

There’s nothing he hides from you and he shares everything about his day. From the tiniest details to what happened with his coworkers or life in the past, he keeps things out in the open and lets you build your faith in the relationship.

2. Physical Intimacy

If your partner cannot resist the urge to cuddle you, hug you from behind, or give you kisses without any reason, don’t mistake it for sexual arousal. It’s a sign of physical intimacy which is good for relationships and shows loyalty amongst partners.

3. Forgiving Each Other

Maybe you’ve had a fling in the past or your partner has – but that doesn’t mean you have to spoil future relationships. If your partner forgives you for his past mistakes and tells you the details, that’s a good sign.

4. Spending More Time Together

Your partner is dying to meet you every now and then and blocks out alone-time with just you. This means he truly cares about the relationship which is a huge sign of trust.

5. Sharing Finances

He shares his finances and bank account details with you. He even lets you know that you can use his money and not explain why or where you spent it. This is a big indicator of trust according to therapists which means if a partner doesn’t open up about their finances, they don’t trust you completely yet.

Signs You Can Trust Your Partner

6. Mindful Listening

Whenever you have something to say, your partner switches off his smartphone, sits down with you and carefully listens. And when he listens, he lets you talk and actively hears you out before interrupting. This is mindful listening and if your partner exhibits that trait, he’s a trustworthy partner.

7. Introduces You to His Friends

Your partner doesn’t shy away from introducing you to his social circles and friends. He goes out of his way to introduce his female colleagues or friends and lets you know that only you are what matters to them.

8. Fulfils Promises

When your partner makes a promise, he/she keeps it – without fail, no excuses. Keeping your promises and sticking to them no matter what are the building blocks of trust in relationships. There are no shortcuts and it takes effort and commitment.

9. Handing Over the Phone

A smartphone or mobile device has lots of details about one’s personal and social life these days. And if your partner lets you go through her smartphone and hands it over to you willingly without you asking, then it’s a big signal that you’re trustworthy.

10. Gives You Space

If your partner isn’t clingy and gives you the time and space you need – then it’s a sign of trust. He doesn’t pry into your personal space and lets you have your moments of privacy or alone-time when you want it. Giving space is a signal that he trusts you enough to the point where he’s confident you won’t cheat on him despite being away.

Signs You Can Trust Your Partner

11. Supporting Decisions

Whenever you pop up a new idea, your partner doesn’t make fun of it and listens carefully. He lets you know what he thinks without judging it and supports you all the way, sometimes even if it doesn’t work just because he’s willing to try it out and see where it goes. This is a sign of openness and trust.

12. Meets Your Family

This is the biggest sign of trust – he meets your family and gets to know them well. He mingles and treats them like his own family.

How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

Building trust in your relationship is not easy but it takes work. Luckily, it’s worth it and you also prevent the pain of losing faith in the relationship by getting it right. Here’s how you build trust with your partner:

How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

1. Talk to Each Other

The first step is to talk to each other. If you spend a lot of time together without any conversations, then that’s bad. Start by talking about the small stuff and work your way up to matters of the heart.

2. Don’t be Judgemental

Don’t criticize or judge your partner whenever they share something intimate, personal, or too embarrassing to talk about. They’re choosing to share with you and that speaks a lot. You should reciprocate and do the same since it’s a two-way street and not one-way.

3. Introduce Friends

Don’t be afraid to introduce each other to your friends.

4. Look in the Eyes

When talking to each other, maintain eye contact and don’t avert your gaze. Be comfortable showing your vulnerable side.

5. Practice Empathy

Listen to your partner’s problems, put yourself in their shoes, visualize, and talk about it. Understand what they go through and be empathetic about it.

6. Love More

Get more intimate, don’t put off together time with each other. Have sex at least once a week and show your love more.

7. Resolve Issues Together

Don’t take matters into your own hands and fix them alone. Resolve them together.

8. Don’t Bottle Up Your Emotions

Be frank about your feelings and review the stages in your relationship every few months or now and then. It helps keep things running smooth.

9. Give Support

Give support sometimes even when they don’t deserve it – because you’re meant to be there for them and they let you trust their back.

10. Let Them Know Boundaries

What’s okay and not okay to do – these are your boundaries. This also includes personal time and space. Talk it out with your partner and lay the ground rules before starting a relationship.

How to Regain Lost Trust and Faith in a Relationship?

If your fear your relationship breaking apart due to lose trust and faith, here’s how to restore or get it back:

How to Regain Trust in a Relationship

  • Forgive each other for the past hurt and mistakes.
  • Trust yourself to work through the emotions.
  • Give it time and a bit of space.
  • Take a break, if needed.
  • Don’t act on emotions alone or fight.

Like we said before, there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to building trust in relationships. You have to put in the effort and trust your partner enough to give them the chance to reciprocate.

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