Top 120 Belgian Last Names Or Surnames

Belgium, a country rich in history and cultural diversity, offers a fascinating tapestry of surnames that reflect its unique heritage. From the Flemish regions to the French-speaking Wallonia, Belgian last names tell stories of ancestry and lineage, each carrying with it a touch of the nation’s multifaceted identity. In this warm and personal journey through the Top 120 Belgian surnames, we’ll explore the origins, meanings, and tales behind these names. Whether you’re tracing your Belgian roots or simply curious about the names you hear, this guide promises to be an engaging and enlightening exploration of Belgium’s familial history. Join us as we delve into the world of Belgian surnames, where each name is a doorway to the past and a testament to the cultural richness of this European gem.


Origin Of Belgian Surnames

The origins of Belgian surnames are as diverse as the country’s history, deeply rooted in the linguistic and cultural influences of the region. These surnames, often derived from ancient Flemish, French, and Germanic languages, offer a window into the occupations, geographical backgrounds, and familial lineages of our ancestors. This section uncovers the historical tapestry that wove together these distinct names, showcasing how each surname is a piece of Belgium’s rich and varied past.

Belgian Last Name Or Family Name With Meanings

Belgian last names are a mosaic of meanings and stories, reflecting the country’s diverse cultural influences. From evocative Flemish names to melodious French-derived surnames, this section unveils the meanings, origins, and fascinating histories behind 120 distinctive Belgian family names. These names not only connect us to our heritage but also serve as inspiring surnames for babies, resonating with families across the US and internationally.


1. Aerts

“Eagle,” this name has Germanic origins and symbolizes strength and nobility. It’s a popular Flemish surname, historically denoting power and freedom.

2. Baert

Derived from the Old Dutch for “bright” or “famous,” Baert is a surname denoting someone of renowned character, often used in Belgian folklore.


3. Claes

A variant of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.” This widespread surname has roots in ancient Greek and is prevalent in both Flemish and Walloon regions.


4. Daems

Signifying “son of Adam,” this name has biblical origins and is common in the Flemish-speaking areas, reflecting a deep historical lineage.


5. Elsen

Originating from a nickname for someone with a noble or regal demeanor, Elsen is a Flemish surname that conveys dignity and grace.


6. Fontaine

Symbolizing a ‘fountain’ or ‘spring’, this picturesque name often denotes families originating near natural water sources, reflecting Belgium’s scenic landscapes.


7. Goossens

A patronymic name meaning ‘son of Goos’, which is a diminutive of the medieval name Godefridus. It’s prevalent in Flemish regions, indicating a lineage of strength.

8. Hendrickx

Derived from the name Hendrik, it means ‘home ruler’. This surname is steeped in medieval history, resonating with leadership and stability.


9. Janssens

‘Son of Jan’, this name is one of the most common in Belgium, symbolizing continuity and heritage. It’s a testament to the name’s enduring popularity across generations.

10. Kusters

Evoking images of the coast (‘kust’ in Dutch), this surname likely identifies families hailing from coastal regions, intertwined with Belgium’s maritime history.


11. Lemmens

A name signifying ‘belonging to Lem’, which is a short form of the name William. This surname conveys a sense of belonging and familial bonds.

12. Maes

Indicating someone who lives by a meadow (‘maes’ in Old Dutch), this name beautifully captures the essence of Belgium’s pastoral landscapes.


13. Nijs

Deriving from ‘Denijs’ or ‘Dennis’, this surname has ancient Greek roots, often associated with the god of wine Dionysus, symbolizing celebration and vitality.

14. Ooms

Meaning ‘uncle’ in Dutch, Ooms could signify a beloved family figure or a respected member of the community in historical Flemish society.


15. Peeters

A variant of Peter, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘stone’, this robust surname signifies strength and steadfastness, deeply rooted in Christian symbolism.

16. Quisquater

This unique name is thought to be a topographic surname for someone who lived by a piece of land, denoting a connection to the earth and farming.

17. Rousseau

With French origins, it means ‘red-haired’, a vivid surname reflecting Belgium’s linguistic diversity and a nod to the individual’s physical characteristics.

18. Smets

Denoting a ‘smith’ or metalworker, this surname reflects the historical importance of craftsmanship and trade in Belgian culture.


19. Thys

A variation of Matthias or Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’, this name carries a spiritual and grateful connotation, deeply rooted in Christian heritage.

20. Van Damme

Indicating ‘from the dam’, this surname is typical for families originating from near a dam, showcasing Belgium’s rich history of water management.


21. Vanhoof

Literally translating to ‘from the head’, this surname likely denotes leadership or a person of wisdom within a community, reflecting societal structures in Belgian history.

22. Vermeulen

A picturesque name meaning ‘from the mill’, it often indicates families historically associated with milling, a vital profession in Belgium’s past.


23. Willems

A patronymic name meaning ‘son of Willem’, symbolizing strong will and protection. This common Flemish name is embedded with the spirit of perseverance.

24. Xhosa

Although less common, Xhosa could be indicative of migration and cultural blending, reflecting Belgium’s history as a crossroads of European cultures.

25. Ysebaert

A unique surname with possible roots in Old German, meaning ‘bright ice’, perhaps denoting a person of clear and sharp intellect or originating from a colder region.

26. Zegers

This name is thought to be derived from ‘Siegward’, meaning ‘sea guard’. It’s indicative of Belgium’s maritime tradition and coastal guardianship.


27. Laurent

Derived from the Latin ‘Laurentius’, referring to someone from the ancient city of Laurentum. It symbolizes a connection to historic roots and enduring legacy.

28. Maertens

A variation of Martin, meaning ‘warrior of Mars’. This surname embodies strength and valor, with deep roots in Roman history and mythology.


29. Nuyens

Likely a patronymic name, meaning ‘new’ or ‘young one’. This surname could signify a fresh start or a new generation, symbolizing hope and renewal.

30. Opsomer

Translating to ‘up summer’, possibly denoting someone who was responsible for summer harvests or a person born during the summer months.


31. Pauwels

A variant of Paul, meaning ‘small’ or ‘humble’. This surname echoes a sense of modesty and simplicity, virtues held dear in Belgian culture.

32. Quirynen

Possibly derived from the name Quirinus, a Roman god. It could denote a family with a history of strength and resilience, echoing ancient Roman influence.


33. Roose

Meaning ‘rose’, this surname could signify beauty and grace, perhaps denoting a family with a connection to nature or gardening.

34. Smet

A variant of Smets, indicating a blacksmith or metal worker. It reflects the historical importance of craftsmanship in Belgian society.

35. Timmermans

Meaning ‘carpenter’, this surname highlights the craft and skill of woodworking, an essential trade in historical Belgium.

36. Van de Walle

Literally translating to ‘from the wall’, possibly indicating a family that lived near a prominent town wall or a boundary, signifying protection and stability.

37. Vandenberghe

Literally ‘from the mountain’, this surname likely denotes ancestral roots in the hilly or mountainous regions of Belgium, symbolizing strength and endurance.

38. Verstraete

Translates to ‘from the street’ or ‘road’, possibly indicating a lineage associated with trade or travel, reflecting Belgium’s historic role in European trade routes.

39. Wouters

A patronymic name meaning ‘son of Walter’, signifying a leader or commander of the army, it echoes Belgium’s rich military history.

40. Yperman

Originating from the town of Ypres, this surname carries with it the historical significance of the region, particularly its role in World War I.

41. Zonneveld

Meaning ‘sun field’, this name might denote a family from a sunny, fertile area, symbolizing growth and prosperity, deeply rooted in agricultural heritage.

42. Ackermans

Derived from ‘acreman’, referring to a farmer or someone who worked the fields, showcasing Belgium’s deep agricultural traditions.

43. Beaufort

Meaning ‘beautiful strength’, this surname might signify a person of both physical beauty and inner strength, reflecting the blend of French and Flemish influences.

44. Coenen

Possibly derived from ‘Conrad’, meaning ‘bold advisor’. This surname suggests wisdom and leadership, prevalent in both urban and rural Belgium.

45. Dumont

Meaning ‘of the mountain’, similar to Vandenberghe, it represents families from higher terrains, echoing Belgium’s diverse landscapes.

46. Everaerts

Possibly meaning ‘strong as a boar’, this name symbolizes strength and resilience, qualities revered in Belgian folklore.

47. Florquin

This unique surname could derive from ‘Floris’, meaning ‘flower’, representing someone with a gentle, artistic nature, or connection to horticulture.

48. Gysbrechts

A patronymic name meaning ‘son of Gysbrecht’, a name signifying ‘bright pledge’. It conveys a sense of commitment and honor.

49. Huyghe

A variant of Hugh, meaning ‘heart, mind, spirit’. This surname reflects a deep connection to emotional or spiritual strength.

50. Ingels

Likely a derivative of ‘Angel’, symbolizing a messenger or a guardian. This surname could imply a familial role of guidance or protection.

51. Jaspers

Derived from the name Casper or Jasper, signifying ‘treasurer’. This surname could indicate a historical role in managing finances or wealth.

52. Keyser

Translated as ’emperor’, this regal surname may have been bestowed on a person of authority or commanding presence in a community.

53. Lauwers

Possibly derived from ‘laurel’, a symbol of victory and honor. This surname might signify a family known for their achievements or noble deeds.

54. Moens

A name likely related to ‘moon’, possibly denoting someone with a dreamy, contemplative nature or a connection to nighttime activities.

55. Neyens

Perhaps a derivative of ‘Neyen’, indicating ‘new’ or ‘young’. This surname could signify a new branch of a family or a youthful spirit.

56. Ovaere

Likely meaning ‘over there’, possibly referring to families who lived across a landmark like a river or on the outskirts of a town.

57. Plettinckx

A unique surname, possibly denoting a person skilled in plating or metalworking, reflecting Belgium’s historic craftsmanship.

58. Quintens

Derived from ‘Quintus’, meaning ‘fifth’. It could be indicative of a fifth child or a family with a tradition of large families.

59. Rombaut

Possibly a variation of ‘Rombold’, meaning ‘bold or renowned’. This surname might denote courage and fame, traits admired in Belgian culture.

60. Snijders

Meaning ‘cutter’ or ‘tailor’, this name reflects the historic importance of textile and garment production in Belgium.

61. Thielemans

A derivative of ‘Tillman’, meaning ‘man of the people’. This surname signifies a person connected with the community and social welfare.

62. Uyttenhove

Translated as ‘from the outer garden’, potentially denoting a family from a rural area or with a connection to farming or gardening.

63. Vandenbroucke

Meaning ‘from the bridge’, this surname could indicate families that lived near or were caretakers of a bridge, a vital community role.

64. Wijns

Likely a variation of ‘wine’, possibly denoting a family with a history in winemaking or viticulture, reflecting Belgium’s culinary traditions.

65. Zaman

Possibly derived from ‘Samen’, meaning ‘together’. This surname could symbolize unity and communal living, reflecting Belgium’s close-knit communities.

66. Adam

Tracing back to the biblical figure, this common surname signifies humanity and origin, resonating with the deep-rooted family values in Belgian culture.

67. Bogaert

Meaning ‘orchard’, this picturesque name likely denotes families with ancestral ties to fruit farming or gardening, a testament to Belgium’s lush landscapes.

68. Ceulemans

Possibly derived from ‘cool man’, denoting someone of calm and composed demeanor, or perhaps linked to colder regions or professions.

69. De Clercq

Signifying ‘clerk’ or ‘scholar’, this surname reflects the historic value placed on education and clerical work in Belgian society.

70. Engels

Translated as ‘angel’, symbolizing purity and guardianship. This surname could indicate a family known for their benevolent and protective nature.

71. Franck

A name denoting ‘free man’, it speaks to a person’s status in society, possibly indicating a family lineage of freemen in medieval times.

72. Govaerts

Possibly a variation of ‘God’s peace’, this serene surname might reflect a family’s spiritual beliefs or their role in religious communities.

73. Hermans

Derived from ‘Herman’, meaning ‘army man’. This name suggests a lineage with a history in military service or leadership.

74. Jacobs

A patronymic surname, ‘son of Jacob’, signifying following or succession, possibly indicating a long line of familial continuity.

75. Knockaert

Likely derived from ‘knock’ or ‘hill’, this surname could indicate a family hailing from hilly or elevated terrain, showcasing Belgium’s varied geography.

76. Leclercq

Meaning: Similar to ‘De Clercq’, meaning ‘clerk’ or ‘scholar’, emphasizing a lineage of education or scholarly pursuits within the family.

77. Maillard

Possibly referring to a ‘miller’, this name echoes Belgium’s agricultural and milling history, indicating a family’s traditional occupation.

78. Naessens

Perhaps derived from ‘Agnes’, symbolizing purity or holiness. This surname might denote a family with strong religious ties or spiritual lineage.

79. Opsomer

Similar to ‘Opsomer’, possibly indicating a family from a summer residence or with ties to seasonal agricultural work.

80. Peeters

A common variant of Peter, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘stone’, this surname signifies steadfastness and reliability, echoing Belgium’s strong cultural values.

81. Quirijnen

Possibly derived from ‘Quirinus’, a Roman deity, suggesting a connection to ancient traditions and the historical depth of Belgian culture.

82. Reynaert

Meaning ‘strong judgment’, this surname may have been associated with wisdom and leadership, reflecting the societal structures of historical Belgium.

83. Saelens

Likely a variation of ‘saline’, indicating a family connected to salt production or trade, a crucial commodity in medieval Europe.

84. Tavernier

Translating to ‘innkeeper’, this surname reflects the hospitality and trade, highlighting Belgium’s role as a crossroads of European cultures.

85. Uytendaele

Meaning ‘from the distant valley’, this name could denote a family from a remote or picturesque rural area, rich in natural beauty.

86. Van Dijk

Literally ‘from the dyke’, this surname likely indicates ancestry from regions near water management systems, vital in Belgian history.

87. Verhoeven

Translates to ‘from the high place’, possibly denoting a family from an elevated area or with a status of high regard in their community.

88. Wauters

A variant of Walter, meaning ‘ruler of the army’. This powerful surname signifies leadership and might, resonant with Belgium’s military history.

89. Yde

A unique surname, possibly derived from a personal name meaning ‘work’, reflecting the industrious nature of the Belgian people.

90. Zegers

Likely a derivative of ‘Siegward’, which means ‘sea guard’. This name might symbolize a connection to maritime traditions or coastal guardianship.

91. Baert

Derived from ‘bright’ or ‘famous’, Baert could indicate a person of renowned character or one who stands out in their community.

92. Coppieters

Possibly a patronymic form, this surname might derive from a family name like ‘Copp’, indicating a lineage or familial affiliation.

93. De Groote

Translating as ‘the great’, this surname could signify a person of notable stature or significant achievements within the Belgian community.

94. Elsen

A name suggesting ‘noble’ or ‘kind’, Elsen might indicate a family known for their generous and honorable nature in their locality.

95. Foubert

Possibly derived from ‘Fulbert’, meaning ‘very bright’, this surname could denote wisdom and intelligence, valued traits in Belgian society.

96. Gheysens

Possibly derived from ‘Ghijs’, a short form of Gilbert, meaning ‘bright pledge’. This surname might reflect a family’s commitment to integrity and honor.

97. Huybrechts

A variant of Hubert, meaning ‘bright heart’ or ‘mind’. This surname symbolizes intellect and enlightenment, traits esteemed in Belgian culture.

98. Janssen

A very common surname meaning ‘son of Jan’. It signifies lineage and heritage, echoing the familial bonds valued in Belgian society.

99. Kennes

Possibly derived from ‘Kenneth’, meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘born of fire’. This name could indicate a family known for their vigor and spirit.

100. Lemaire

Translating to ‘the mayor’, this surname could denote a historical role in local governance or leadership within a Belgian community.

101. Mertens

A variant of Martin, meaning ‘warlike’. This surname might reflect a family history of bravery and strength in the face of adversity.

102. Nieuwenhuis

Meaning ‘new house’, this surname could signify a family starting anew or one who had moved to a new location, embracing change and growth.

103. Oosterlinck

Translating to ‘eastern link’, possibly denoting a family from the eastern part of Belgium or with connections to the east.

104. Pauwels

A variation of Paul, meaning ‘small’ or ‘humble’. This name emphasizes modesty and a down-to-earth nature, cherished in Belgian communities.

105. Renders

Possibly derived from ‘reinhard’, meaning ‘brave counsel’. This surname might symbolize wisdom combined with courage, a respected trait.

106. Schmitt

Meaning ‘smith’, a common profession. This surname highlights the importance of craftsmanship and skilled trade in Belgian history.

107. Thys

A diminutive of Matthias or Matthew, meaning ‘gift of God’. This name conveys a sense of gratitude and spiritual depth.

108. Van Assche

Literally ‘from the ash tree’, this surname could indicate a family with a strong connection to nature or a particular locality.

109. Verbeke

Translated as ‘little creek’, this picturesque name might denote families living near water bodies, highlighting Belgium’s rich natural landscapes.

110. Willems

A patronymic name meaning ‘son of Willem’, symbolizing strong will and protection, echoing the enduring spirit of Belgian families.

111. Xhrouet

A rare surname, possibly indicative of a unique occupational or locational origin, reflecting the diversity and rich history of Belgian surnames.

112. Yperman

Likely derived from the town of Ypres, this surname carries historical significance, particularly its connection to World War I and Belgian history.

113. Zwart

Meaning ‘black’ in Dutch, this surname could have referred to someone with dark hair or clothing, or possibly a metaphorical meaning like ‘mysterious’.

114. Claes

A variant of Nicholas, symbolizing ‘victory of the people’. This common Flemish surname speaks to a history of resilience and communal strength.

115. Dewulf

Translating to ‘the wolf’, this evocative name might symbolize a person with attributes associated with wolves, such as intelligence or independence.

116. Eggers

Possibly derived from ‘edge’ or ‘point’, this surname could signify a person skilled in a craft that requires precision, like carpentry or metalwork.

117. Faes

A surname that could signify ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’, reflecting a philosophical or spiritual approach to life’s journey, common in Belgian culture.

118. Goethals

Possibly meaning ‘good throat’, this surname could have been given to a notable speaker or singer, reflecting cultural appreciation for the arts.

119. Hendrix

A variant of Hendrick, meaning ‘home ruler’. This name suggests a lineage of leadership and influence within the community.

120. Isebaert

A variant of Isbert, which could mean ‘bright ice’, signifying clarity and sharpness, traits revered in Belgian history and culture.

In conclusion, this extensive exploration of Belgian last names offers a captivating glimpse into Belgium’s rich cultural and historical landscape. Each surname not only carries its unique meaning and backstory but also reflects the diverse tapestry of Belgium’s heritage and the stories of its people. Whether for genealogical research, cultural interest, or finding a meaningful surname, this collection serves as a valuable and engaging resource, connecting us to the roots and identity of Belgian families.

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