Top 8 Makeup Mistakes We End Up Making When Going For a Family Function!

Top 8 Makeup Mistakes We End Up Making When Going For a Family Function!

Most Indian families are close-knit, meaning that when there is an occasion (trust us, there’s always an occasion) everyone is excited and wants to wear new clothes and deck-up! Parlour appointments for waxing, beauty packages, etc., are obvious, especially if the occasion is a wedding. While we can depend on our good ol’ parlour wali didi to pamper and groom us for the day, there’s one thing we love to do on our own and that is make-up! How difficult could that be…right?

As much as we’d like to think makeup is quite simple, it is an art – an art that sometimes makes us the kids in art class with paint splotched all over our canvas! Here are some common makeup mistakes that Indian women end up making at occasions. We know we’re guilty of a few…Which ones? We’re not telling!

Top 8 Makeup Mistakes You Are Probably Making

1. Matching Your Foundation to The Back of Your Hand

Pretty sure not all our faces match the backs of our hands but we’ve all done it! Why do we insist on matching the foundation with the back of our hand, anyway? It is a mystery!

Instead: If you want to match your face, try the foundation on your jawline instead. You may avoid the next major mistake.

2. Too Much Foundation!

Just like our western counterparts chase after the tanned look with too much bronzer, we tend to go overboard with the foundation to cover up blemishes. Remember, when all those shaadi lights are on, you don’t want to be competing with them at brightness!

3. Kajal Overload

Indians girls and Kajal is a dangerous relationship to criticize, really, but someone’s got to do it. When you’re all dolled up in brightly coloured clothes, having thick gothic under-eyes could perhaps take a miss? This is one of the most common makeup mistakes among Indian women.

Instead: Try softly smudging darker eyeshadow. It may give you that sultry smokey-eyed look!

4. Layering Lipstick is a Real Thing

We do it, you do it, you know it! Layering lipsticks to create an altogether new shade that hasn’t been seen on your Instagram feed before only leads to extra creaminess, feathering or bleeding colours. This will only worsen when you are sipping on that mocktail at the function! ||

5. Using The Wrong Blush

While the colour of your blush is up to your own discernment, the texture is what many of us tend to overlook. While mousse/ cream blushes tend to give the most natural look, it can also be disastrous on an oily skinned damsel.

Instead: Keep in mind skin type when selecting what blush to invest in; you need those rosy cheeks to look as natural as possible.

6. Applying Blush Incorrectly

When we said apply blush naturally we were hoping you weren’t one to swirl circles of blush on your “apples”! We have done it and ended up having an uncanny resemblance to a clown (hiding face).

Instead: To get a flattering, peachy tint, apply the blush from the apples of your cheeks, along your cheekbones right to your temples and blend, blend, blend!

7. Concealer over Dark Circles

Kohl shadows and sleepless nights leave us with a shadow under our eyes. You’ve found the perfect shade of concealer and so you douse your under eye bags with it. The result – really light purple shadow under your eyes that clashes with the red in your lipstick.

Instead: Apply concealer in an upside-down triangle shape below your eyes to create a brightening effect that looks way more natural.

8. Glitter Me Not

Glitter fallout after applying it to your eye-lids can make our faces turn into a Christmas ornament if we aren’t careful!

Instead: The best way to make glittery eye-lids pop and avoid the fall onto your cheek is to prime your eye-lids first. If you do not have a primer, dampen a makeup brush with redness-relieving eye drops, swirl it into your glitter and then apply it. This makes the glitter stick.

We said 8 mistakes but here’s a bonus one! Lighting Is Everything

God said “Let there be light” and gosh was he wise when he said so! A well-lit room for makeup will avoid those horrid pictures afterwards. If you apply your makeup in a dimly lit room and step out into a bright area, you can be rest assured your blending errors or lack of blending will show up clearly.

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