Ideas to Protect Your Home in Rainy Season

Top 6 Home Protection Tips For Monsoon

Once monsoon arrives, it’ll be around for some time. The continuous showers and excess moisture could take a toll on your lovely home. Here are a few tips on monsoon care for your home. Keep your home safe and protected from the hassles associated with rain.

You’ve been bearing the stifling heat and humidity for a long time and can’t wait for the sky to cloud and sprinkle you with gentle drops of relief. But, since the monsoons are here to stay for some time, are you sure your house is as ready as you are? Taking care of your home during monsoon is extremely important to save you from the perils of rain. If you haven’t given a thought to it, it’s time to get to work.

6 Ways to Protect Your Home During Rainy Season

1. Check for Cracks in The Walls

Any cracks in the walls of your abode could lead to water seeping which in turn could cause fungal growth that are damaging to your health. Make sure that you get your house checked for cracks. Call in an expert as you definitely can’t do it by yourself. This is one of the first and best ideas to protect your home in rainy season.

2. Check The Outlets

Check the pipes in your home for clogs as clogged pipes can cause puddles of water to form which in turn become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Unclog them by removing debris and dirt. Any leakage in the pipes should be sealed too.

3. Conduct a Roof Check

A crack in the roof could lead to incessant dripping during monsoon. Get a professional to check for cracks and leaks in the roof. One of the best ways to protect your house from rainfall is to get it treated with a waterproof coating to guarantee that water doesn’t seep in. Again, an expert is your best answer to applying the coating.roof checking in monsoon

4. Sloping Effect

Identify flat surfaces in your house where water tends to stagnate. During rain, there’s all the more reason for water to collect in these areas. You don’t want your little ones to slip and hurt themselves; and neither do you want insects to congregate. The solution is to build a temporary slope so that water runs off easily.

5. Air it Out

Are there areas in the house that are damp? You need to provide ventilation as the excess moisture during monsoons can result in the formation of mould. It’s also a nice feeling to have your surrounding dry. Plus, your house won’t carry that awful smell that forms when things are damp.

6. Check Electrical Fittings

Get all electrical fittings checked by an electrician before the onset of the monsoons. It’s very important to repair damaged fittings, broken switches and loose wires. Covering up exposed wires is another to-do as they can cause nasty shocks not just to you, but to your children and pets as well.

Getting your home monsoon-ready is not difficult. It just needs some basic care. Of course, when dealing with electrical lines and large projects like roof repair, there’s nothing like professional help. For the rest, use these tips on how to protect your house in rainy season. You’ll thank yourself for having such good foresight!

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