Top 15 Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Baby Boys and Girls

Top 15 Birthday Gift Ideas for a 1 Year-Old Baby Boy and Girl

First birthdays call for a grand celebration. A one-year-old’s physical, emotional, and intellectual skills are constantly developing, so you should keep this in mind while buying a gift for your child. Here are some ideas:

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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for a 1-Year-Old

1. Walker


By the age of one, children start taking wobbly steps. A push toy will give your baby a sense of confidence and security, and teach him to walk all by himself! He can pull or push the walker around the house.

2. Musical Toy

Musical Toy

Babies love noise, especially when they’re the ones making it! Gift your baby a musical instrument and watch him go gaga over it. When your little one experiments with different sounds, it will make him ‘Music Smart’.

3. Soft Toy

Your baby will surely love to receive a soft and furry animal toy as a gift. There are many different types of stuffed toys available that pertain to every budget. From animals to cartoon characters like Peppa Pig, take your pick!

4. Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Building blocks are not just fun, they also develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. They bring out the little architect in your child and develop his imagination. Make sure you get building blocks that are colourful and don’t have sharp edges.

5. Colouring Book

Colouring Book

Kids love to play with colours. Even if that means just doodling or scribbling all over the pictures! A colouring book will help your baby associate colours with the objects they see around them. Go ahead and get some baby-friendly crayons, and watch his inner artist come alive!

6. Toy Car

Toy Car

This one is a favourite with boys. You can get your baby a colourful car, or a set of Hot Wheels cars. Research shows that kids who play with toy cars show better spatial skills, as opposed to kids who don’t. Some kids also tend to make their own car collection!

7. Mini Scooter

Mini Scooter

A colourful mini scooter, complete with musical sirens, promises loads of fun time! Like toy cars, mini-scooters help babies develop their spatial skills, spatial judgement, reasoning, and cognitive growth.

8. Sofa Seat

Haven’t heard of a sofa seat? It’s a regular sofa, but miniature in size! It is specially made for babies, and will make a great addition to your child’s room. One of its advantages is that it provides comfy seating to babies and toddlers.

9. Superhero Costume

Superhero Costume

Who said toddlers can’t have favourite superheroes? Gauge the superhero that your baby likes – is it Batman, Captain America or Spiderman? Then, hunt for a costume online or at a store and dress him up in it on his first birthday!

10. Sand Toys

Sand Toys

If your baby likes spending time at the beach, get him toys that are used to build sandcastles like tiny spades, rakes, moulds, buckets, and a watering can. If you don’t have a beach in your city, you can construct a sandpit in your backyard. Just make sure the pits don’t have creepy crawlies.

11. Princess Tent

Princess Tent

Your little girl is your princess, and she deserves to live in a castle. Get your baby girl a princess tent as her first birthday gift. You can decorate the tent with ribbons, balloons, and pretty lights. We suggest that you go for a big and spacious tent; small ones are usually congested.

12. Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls

Girls love dolls and especially Barbie dolls! When girls play with them, it’s sweet to watch their motherly instinct kick in.

13. Storybook

A story book

Storybooks are a great way to introduce your little one to the world of books. Children’s books are usually filled with pictures and words, making them one of the best first birthday gifts. Pop-up books make children inquisitive and develop their imagination.

14. Accessories

Baby Accessories

Baby girls love adorning themselves with beautiful accessories like bows, hair clips and earrings! Go for cartoon-based accessories or just get her a big box of colourful jewellery.

15. Kiddie Pools

Kiddie Pools

If your baby girl loves playing with water, get her a kiddie pool. It should be small, but also big enough for your baby to sit in it. You can keep this pool in the bathroom or your backyard.

When you figure out your child’s interest, choosing the right gift becomes easy. Always remember that safety comes first. Avoid gifts that are tiny, or have detachable pieces or chemicals. Babies tend to put everything in their mouth, so such toys may prove fatal.

First birthdays are less about gifts and more about spending quality time with your baby. Have a blast!

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