10 Unique Gift Ideas for Twin Babies

Top 10 Twin Baby Gift Ideas

So, you know someone who just had twins, or perhaps you are going for a baby shower where twins are expected, and now your gift ideas need to be updated. While twins can be double the blessing, they can also be double the trouble to shop for if you don’t know what to look for. We are here to help you find cute gifts for twin babies.

Best Baby Gift Ideas for Twins

Rather than searching for two separate gifts, try looking out for things that are made special for twins or go in for paired items that both babies can enjoy. You can also try looking out for things that will make their mother’s life easier as caring for two new babies at once is twice the challenge. Here are some newborn twin baby gifts ideas that will not fail to delight:

1. Twins Nursing Pillow

This pillow is amazing for breastfeeding twins; this pillow will leave mum hands free so that she can enjoy feeding her children as it makes the process easier for her. Babies can also be bottle fed using this pillow.

Twins Nursing Pillow

2. Friendly Services

If you are the type who likes to help, you can always create a fun voucher book offering your services. Each service can be written on a page that can be torn out and redeemed by your friend. For example, “Date Night Baby Sitting: One free night of babysitting so that you and your beloved can have a romantic night to yourselves.”
You can always add other services that a mom of infants would want, especially when she has double the work on a daily basis. Some other ideas could be housecleaning for a day, preparing a few cooked meals that can be frozen and pulled out and heated up on day when she just doesn’t have the energy to cook, doing the grocery shopping and helping to take the little ones for their doctor’s appointment in case dad is unable to make it.

Friendly Services

3. The Bare Necessities

Pick a basket, toy box or even a baby bath to use as your gift holder and pick out all the bare necessities that the babies and mama will need. For example, for the babies, you can pick out a pair of pacifiers and blankets, diaper rash ointment, unscented baby lotion and baby wash, booties, bibs and washcloths. You can also add some baby nail clippers, a thermometer and some diapers.
For mom, you can add some nipple cream, maternity pads, a house cleaning voucher, a fancy teething necklace and even some chocolate treats.

Bare Necessities for Babies

4. Twin Stroller

 There are many different designs to choose from when it comes to twin strollers, and each of them can make mom’s life so much easier. If you do not know her lifestyle that well, you can always ask what kind she prefers as there are some made for general use and others that can even be taken jogging.

Twin Stroller

5. Twin Clothing

It is very cute seeing identical twins wearing matching outfits, but not all parents like to dress their identical babies in identical outfits as things can get a bit confusing. You can always ask their preference, or you can go ahead and buy a few outfits for themsome that match and some that are different. The new parents to be will love the variety. If you have a sense of humour, twin onesies with witty captions make for funny twin baby giftsTry getting a pair that says “Copy” on one and “Paste” on the other.

Twin Clothing

6. Diaper Bag For Two

When on the go, you are going to need many essentials for your little one. Sadly, the average diaper bag has only enough space to hold one baby’s essentials, making a diaper bag for two a very useful gift indeed.

Diaper Bag For Two

7. Baby Carrier For Two

 The little dynamic duo can be carried around together with the help of a sling or a baby carrier that is made for twins. Who says attachment parenting needs to be given up in the case of twins?

Baby Carrier For Two

8. Foot Rattles

Get some fun foot rattles for the twins that can keep them entertained for hours. These come as booties that the little ones will have a lot of fun shaking and rattling. You can either get them one packet to share, or you can pick two of them up in different colours, one pink and one blue if you want to go for inexpensive twin baby gifts for boys and girls. You can even add some variety by going for different themed ones like pack animal rattle socks.

Foot Rattles

9. Personalised Bibs

It can be very hard for parents of identical twins to keep track of who is who; which is where personalised bibs can come in handy. If mom and dad have not yet decided on names, you can get one in a different colour for each baby. But if mom and dad have already settled on names they love, you can customise the gift and have their names printed on each.

Personalised Bibs

10. Children’s Books For Twins

By filling up the bookshelves with books about twins, it can help twins understand how they are different from other children as twins often have to go through different challenges as compared to others. If the twins have an older sibling who is not yet old enough to understand the concept of twins, these books can be a great help to them as well. It can be tough enough having to deal with one new sibling, let alone two.

Children’s Books For Twins

Though it may seem overwhelming at first, shopping for twins can be a lot of fun as there are many creative gifts that you can get for the new little ones. Mum and dad will appreciate the gifts that help them out in their practical lives, but it can also be nice to get personalised gifts just for fun.

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