Potty Training Tips for Preschoolers

Toilet Training In Preschoolers (3-4 years)

Applying toilet training tips for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds can take time and effort. They must learn to use a toilet at home and outside. Find out how to make things happen more quickly with a few simple, tried and trusted ways.

Everyone has a different benchmark when it comes to toilet-training their preschoolers. If you’re training your 3-4 year old preschooler, it’s very important to be patient and understanding.

How to Potty Train a Preschooler Effectively

1. Milestones have no fixed ages

In most cases,potty training starts before the age of 3, but it’s not a matter of grave concern if your four-year-old is not yet fully trained. Some children may not be ready till they turn 4 or 4 and a half. However, continue to train your child since he or she will start school soon, if they haven’t already.

2. Look for signs of readiness

While you’re looking at toilet-training tips for 3-year-olds, keep in mind signs that they’re ready to go potty. By now, their bladder muscles have grown enough to hold urine for some time before they wet their clothes. They also start becoming restless and may tug at their clothes when they want to go to the toilet.

3. Foster mental readiness

If you’re potty training boys at age 3, they may show their mental readiness by imitating their elder siblings or even you. Don’t stop them if they follow you to the toilet. Grab the opportunity and make sure that you’re there to show them the right way to potty when they want to go.

Foster mental readiness

4. Get a toilet seat

While potty training girls aged 3 get a child size seat for adult toilets so that she can slowly get used to using a standard toilet seat. You may also want to take her along shopping so that she can pick up the seat of her choice and will feel motivated to use it when she feels like going to the bathroom.

5. Handling accidents

Even if you’re done potty training girls at age 4, there are small chances of occasional accidents like night time wetting or wetting while playing. That’s perfectly normal. The same stands true when potty training boys aged 4. They may take 6-9 months to get completely trained. In case of regular night wetting, try restricting their liquid intake from evening onwards.

6. Cleaning up afterwards

Cleaning up after your child has used the toilet is also an important part of potty training for preschoolers. Girls must be instructed to wipe from front to back so as to avoid any infection. Meanwhile, boys as well as girls should be taught to wash their hands after they’ve used the bathroom.

Toilet-training is an important process. You must make sure that you provide enough support and help to your preschooler. By the time they turn 5 years old, they will be completely trained to use the toilet and clean up after.

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