How to Stop Children from Touching Switches

Toddlers Turning Switches On and Off

It’s common to see toddlers turn switches on and off in the house. They’re at an exploratory stage and want to check out everything. However, this can turn out to be hazardous. There’s a need to childproof your home, including switches and electrical controls.

Your child is growing up every day and is eager to explore the world out of his cot and playpen. But he has no sense of danger, so he will try out everything that is in his line of sight and hands. Since most people use electrical appliances and gadgets, power outlets and extension cords are part and parcel of most houses. Unfortunately, they’re not really designed keeping your baby’s safety in mind. He will try to put his little fingers in sockets, turn switches on and off, and pull at wires. It’s, therefore, important to childproof your home so that he can explore it without getting hurt.

Numerous Ways to Toddler-proof Switches and Gadgets

Identify Electrical Hazards around the House

There are various appliances, gadgets and wires that can prove to be hazardous for a toddler. You need to identify them and then think about childproofing them. Common hazards are:

  • Electrical outlets with open sockets and switches
  • Extension cords
  • Hanging and looping cords
  • Plugged in appliances like toaster, mixer, TV, DVD player and computers.

Make it Unreachable

Once you know what needs to be childproofed, start with making them unreachable for your child. This can prove to be a bit difficult but it does provide a temporary solution to the problem. Place furniture or heavy items in front of the switchboard to keep your toddler from touching switches. You may find it tricky to get to the switchboard but you can rearrange the furniture once your little one gets over this on-and-off game.

Cover Them

The next solution is to get socket covers or caps to conceal socket holes. If you want a cheaper solution, you can even use masking tape or sticky tape. While it may not last as long as a proper switch cover, it’s a temporary solution to preventing your 23-month-old from turning switches on and off.

Explain the Danger

Another way how you can stop your toddler from turning switches on and off is to make him aware of the hazards of playing with them. It will take him time to understand, of course, but repeated warnings and an occasional time-out will eventually work.

Make Him Feel Responsible

Turning switches on and off is like play for children. They find it intriguing to see what happens when they press a switch. When teaching your tot not to play with them, do so by giving him responsibilities. For e.g. while going into a room, ask him to turn on the lights. Ask him to turn them off when you leave the room as well. This way, he’ll know that he’s fulfilled an important task that’s not a playful activity.

Living with a toddler is like dealing with a single-man army! But there are ways in which you can make yours and your toddler’s life safer. Try out these tips and let us know how things go.

If you have any other suggestions, do share them as well!


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