New mothers: creating work-home balance

Tips For Making The Daily Switch From Work To Home

Working moms may find it tough to switch from work to home. This can reduce the amount of time you spend with your baby. Here are a few tips that will help you make the transition with ease.

In the fast paced corporate world, it becomes difficult to juggle between home and work, especially if you are a new mother. Accommodating your lifestyle according to the needs of your little one comes with a lot of compromises at work. Additionally, if your work environment is demanding, there is always guilt about not being able to spend enough time with your newborn. That is why, it is important for you to create a work-life balance and spend quality time with your newborn.

Importance of Work-Home Balance for New Mothers

Your newborn is in a fragile stage of his life, especially in the first few months. He needs constant care and a sense of belongingness. The initial months of your newborn’s life are crucial to strengthen the bond between the two of you. On the other hand, a modern-day mother wants something more than just a family and home. She aspires to achieve great feats in her career, be socially active and wants to feel appreciated. That is why, it is vital that you carry out a smooth transition from home to work. Implement certain techniques in your life that allow you to be effective at both, personal and professional aspects of your life.

Ways to Create Work-Home Balance for New Mothers

Work Review

Before wrapping up your day, carry out a work review to be sure that you have not missed out on anything. This will help you to feel relaxed when you reach home.

Make Sure Weekends are off

Keep off any work-related issues on weekends. It is important that you compartmentalise your work and home, setting your priorities right. Over the weekend, indulge in some communicative games with your newborn, so he gets to know you better.

Don’t Extend Work Hours

Make sure, under no circumstances you are working beyond your normal shift. The trick is to give sufficient time to your work and baby, prolonging either one will affect the other.

Don’t Bring Work Home

Finish all your assignments in the office. When you are with your newborn, you should be present there with your mind too, so that you both feel the connection towards each-other.

Relax Time

Keep some relaxation time for yourself between work and home to calm down and get in the right mood. You can tune out of the work mode by listening to music, reading a book or going for a stroll in the garden.

Unwind during Travel

A smart way to de-stress after work is by making your travelling effortless. The traffic jams can make you grumpy, so opt for car pools or less crowded routes to travel.

Hold on While You Can

Keeping up with the role of a mother while simultaneously excelling as a career-oriented woman can take a toll on you. Surely there will be days when you would want to quit from it all. Instead, try hanging in there. According to experts, each mother takes time to get used to the new schedule. So give it some time to settle in, especially in the initial months as they are the most exhausting. However, in cases where mothers are not able to cope even after months, it is better to talk it out with your boss for flexible timings.

Dealing With the Stress

Talk to your partner or a close friend about the worries related to work to calm down after you leave the office. Don’t bring the tension home as your baby might have to bear the burden of your frustration. Try meditation or yoga to soothe your senses and start afresh in the company of your little one.

Involve Your Partner

The biggest help you can find is your spouse. If you both are working, take turns or divide the shifts in such a manner that the baby is not alone. He can also learn to feed, change and bathe the baby. Also, those middle of the night wake-up calls from your newborn can be divided between the two of you. Divide the house work so you both are able to give time to your newborn.

Involve your partner

Nursing Guide for Working Mothers

Breastmilk is the best for newborns and thus it is important that you try to feed your baby with breastmilk. Although, after your baby turns 3 months old, it’s perfectly fine to supplement his feedings with formula, in case some times you find it difficult to manage to provide him your breast milk. Following are some tips to follow to ensure that your baby gets your breast milk:

1. Start pumping early: Get into the habit of expressing and storing your breast milk at least a month before you are back at work. This will get you into the habit of pumping and building a supply bank for your baby to use once you start working. Refrigeration is recommended over freezing.

2. Let a caregiver or your spouse feed the baby: Get the baby to learn being fed by others, besides you. It is important that your baby starts associating with a close figure other than you since the start, so that he does not feel abandoned when you resume work.

3. Pump at work privately: Find some closed space where you can pump the milk and store it. Pumping at work will maintain the milk production in your breasts to feed your baby when you get home.

4. Store the milk in a refrigerator: Store the pumped milk in storage bags and keep them in your office refrigerator or in an insulated container with ice

5. Use breast pads: For mothers who tend to leak the breast milk, it’s important to use the breast pads that are readily available, to avoid embarrassing situations

It is vital for new mothers to make a smooth switch from work to home, for creating a perfect balance between the two. Follow these tips to spend quality time with your child as well as excel at work.

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