How to Manage Fake Crying in Babies?

Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Baby’s Fake Crying

Is your baby crying for no evident reason and leaving you wondering what the problem might be? Well, sometimes your little munchkin may not be actually crying but faking it. Yes, it is possible for your baby to fake cry! If you are wondering how to put an end to this habit, read on to know some useful tips and tricks on how to manage your baby’s fake crying.

Do Babies Really Fake Cry?

Babies can actually practise fake crying. Well, there may be different reasons to do so. It has been observed that babies adopt fake crying to gain the parents’ attention.

Why Do Babies Fake Cry?

Here are some common reasons for fake crying in infants and babies:

1. Not Able To Express Themselves

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if you couldn’t express yourself in front of others? Babies go through this ordeal on a day-to-day basis, so they sometimes opt for fake crying as one of the ways of putting across their feelings.

2. To Gain Attention

How can a baby tell his mommy that he’s hungry, wet, sleepy or tired? Well, he may simply start crying because that is how he can express that something is bothering him. Therefore, a baby fake crying is a very common phenomenon because it is one of the ways in which he gets his parents’ attention.

babies sometimes fake cry to gain attention

3. The Baby Wants Something

If your baby wants something, he may cry. Be it a toy that he cannot reach for or some comfort from you – he may just opt for crying. If you are a parent who succumbs to your baby’s demands like this, then there is a likelihood that he may continue to exhibit this kind of behaviour.

4. Change in Routine

sometimes you may make certain changes in your baby’s schedule, and these may not be welcomed by him. Guess what he will opt for? Yes, fake crying. He may do so to express his displeasure or discomfort. The changes in feeding, sleeping, or anything else may make your baby cranky.

babies can fake cry when their regular schedule has changed

5. Emotional Outbursts

Feels a bit strange, but your toddler’s fake crying could be a way of him expressing himself emotionally. This may happen on the death of a pet, a family member, a divorce or anything else difficult. Kids opt for such kind of crying to deal with unpleasant situations.

How to Stop Fake Crying in Babies?

No parent can see or tolerate their baby crying, even if he is fake crying. Regardless of whether it’s real or fake, every parent would want to know how to put an end to their baby’s crying. Here are a few easy ways of handling your baby’s fake crying:

1. Try and Distract Your Baby

One of the best ways of putting an end to a fake crying bout is by distracting your baby. You may take him out, sing a lullaby or simply rock your baby. Distracting your baby might help him forget the reason he may be crying.

try to distract your baby with toys so he stops crying

2. Do Not Be Rigid; Give in Sometimes

Though it would be a bit difficult if you keep giving into your baby’s crying and make it a habit, it’s okay to give in sometimes. This is because your baby might sometimes just want some comfort of your love, and giving in can reassure him about your love.

3. Try and Ignore Him

If your baby has made it a habit to fuss and have his way, it is important that you put a stop to it. The best way to do so is to ignore when your baby starts crying for no reason. There is no doubt that it will be a bit difficult, but it is important to implement this or else this will turn into an annoying habit that will become difficult to break as your baby grows.

it is ok to give in to his crying sometimes

4. Get to the Root

What is making your baby exhibit this kind of behaviour? It is important to get to the root cause of it and remove it. If it is a toy that your baby cannot reach to and wants to hold it, give him that.

5. Say ‘No’

It is important to explain to your baby that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Babies may not be able to understand your words, but they are very sharp in understanding tone and gestures. Show your displeasure, and eventually, your baby will understand that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

saying no is important so that your baby's crying does not become habitual

Hope these easy tips prove to be useful in helping you stop your baby’s fake crying!

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