Newborn Baby's Reaction To Her First Hair Wash

This Newborn Baby’s Reaction To Her First Hair Wash Is The Happiest Thing You’ll See Today

For new mothers, bathing the baby can be really intimidating as the newborn is fragile and vulnerable. We are worried about the number of times we should bathe the baby, the kind of soap to use, the type of fabric to dry the baby with…Babies are quite sensitive in their initial years and also prone to many environmental threats. Getting a body or hair bath is a completely new experience for the little ones, away from the safe world of the womb. But there are some babies like this newborn girl here who take to a bath like a fish to water – with tremendous happiness almost like bliss!

This little girl was born in Dayton, USA, some days ago. Her parents named her Amira, meaning “Princess” in Hebrew. Her proud and happy Dad couldn’t stop himself from clicking umpteen pictures of his beautiful little girl. But there is one particular moment he captured, while she was being given a head bath, that has become eternal. Since the Dad posted this video on Facebook, it has warmed the hearts of millions of people around the world, teaching them how happy simple moments in life can make us. There is a big reason the video has become so popular:

Amira looks absolutely EUPHORIC as her head is being washed! The little one is actually leaning back and closing her eyes in enjoyment, especially when the nurse rinses her hair. Amira’s hair is first shampooed, and then water is poured over her head. The darling closes her eyes as her hair is brushed, keeping her body still. She opens and closes her mouth, sticks out her tongue, smiles, and even lets out a brief sigh of content.

“I was crying. She is my first baby and she was looking all cute. People are saying it’s positive and people are saying they haven’t seen anything positive in a while.”

Check out the video below capturing the little baby’s delighted reaction to her first hair wash!

So you see, it is not just us who enjoy a trip to the hair salon and sit back and relax all the while. Babies learn the art of relaxation early – let’s make it a point to learn it from them as well as we can!

Do This to Keep Your Baby Safe During a Bath

Bath-time can bring your baby so much euphoria – this little girl is testimony to that! But you know exactly how delicate your little one is – you’re still scared to even hold him so the very prospect of bathing him can be really, really scary! While little babies don’t need a daily bath, they do need one every now and then to keep fresh and germ-free. This makes it imperative that you understand the tiniest of details before bathing your babies. This will let you steer clear of any discomfort or potential danger.

First, it is important to know when it is okay to bathe a newborn baby and when not. Simply put, it depends on the climatic conditions you live in. In several tropical and sub-tropical countries, doctors forbid mothers to bathe babies until they are one month old. After one month too, you do not need to bathe your child regularly, unless and until it is too hot outside. Besides considering the weather, you should also give importance to your newborn’s likings. Avoid bathing him often if you perceive that he does not like it much. You can choose the time of the bath based on both the weather (a comfortably warm temperature is ideal) and your and your baby’s convenience. Although many new mothers give their little ones an evening shower, a morning bath may be more refreshing and healthy for the baby.

Next, you must take into account the temperature of the bathing water. Luke warm water is ideal for your baby’s bath. You can reduce or increase the warmth depending on the temperature of the room.

Always use clean and hygienic materials for bathing your baby. Use clean water, towel, sponge, diapers, bath tubs and mug for this purpose. Never apply an ordinary soap on your baby. Always pick up special mild soaps and shampoos meant for babies.

Finally, always be with your baby when bathing him. Never leave him alone, not even for a moment.

clean and hygienic materials for bathing your baby

Follow These Steps to Give Your Baby a Bath

Now that you have all the important safety precautions in mind, get started with bathing your baby using these steps. Remember to ask your husband or other family member to help, if possible, especially for the first few bathing sessions.

  • Gather all the essentials to bathe your baby. You must have everything at your disposal and not run for them in the middle of the bath, leaving your baby alone. For example, get cotton wash-cloth, cotton balls, plastic cup, baby lotion, basin filled with lukewarm water, diaper, blanket and clothes.
  • Put layers of towel on the slab and then arrange everything around it, within easy reach.
  • Lay him down on the layers gently. You will be cleaning his upper body first, so keep his lower portion covered.
  • Then wipe his face with a soft cotton ball. Slowly and carefully clean his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. However, make sure not to put the cotton swab inside his ears.
  • Then gently wipe his upper torso. Make sure to be a little more careful around the umbilical area. Just wipe away the crust formation around it. Then head to the arms, and fingers, uncover the lower body and do the legs.
  • Now dry him off with a soft towel and make sure to pat dry his lower area, so that he does not get any rashes when you put the diaper on.
  • Now use a good baby lotion and slather it all over his body; gently massaging so that it gets absorbed by the skin.
  • Finally, put on a fresh diaper and clothes.

Ah, the fun of being in water! We bet that little girl made you feel so much happier, right? Babies are great teachers as far as living life to the fullest is concerned. They care about the things tha really matter in the long run – good food, a good night’s sleep, lots of time with loved ones, and enjoyment of simple pleasures like a relaxing head bath! So, while the first few times you bathe your baby may give you the jitters, you will get used to the routine in a few days. Your baby will also love being in water and will start playing while bathing, making these moments extremely memorable for you!

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