This Is What Fascinates Your Newborn Baby

This Is What Fascinates Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is a wonderful feeling which many couples wish to experience. But it is definitely a complex task to bring up a baby and understand his needs and wants. One of the important things you need to know is what fascinates your baby. Thanks to science, we now know what fascinates our little ones and also boosts their overall development.

There are a lot of things which amuse babies such as pets, colours, shapes etc. You need to know all these things and accordingly make them available to your baby so that he can be happy and content. Your baby will definitely throw hints at you to let you know his likes and dislikes. All you need to do is pick up those hints!

Here is a list of things that fascinate a lot of babies. What about yours?

1. Things That Move

Things which move easily attract babies. If you keep something stationary in front of your child, he might not notice it. But if you keep a moving object in front of him, it will definitely catch his attention. He may even seemingly go into a trance by staring at the object for a long time. So if this really fascinates your baby, consider using toys that move or dance.

2. Brightly Coloured Objects

Your baby’s vision keeps developing at a rapid pace after birth. Keep as many bright colours in front of him as possible, such as yellow, red, blue, etc. Babies are drawn to bright shades and this also provides them much needed visual stimulation.

3. Sounds and Music

Sounds also fascinate babies. Objects that make different noises will definitely catch the ear of your child. They like music, so you should consider buying musical toys and toys which make sounds. This will definitely keep your baby happy and occupied. If your baby shows a particular predisposition toward music, here is an excellent approach to use music for your baby’s overall development.

4. The Cause and Effect Relationship

Babies like touching things and playing with them. If you keep a board with buttons in front of your baby, he will definitely touch it or move the buttons to see what happens. This is good for him as it will help him in understanding the cause and effect relationship.

5. Anything That is New

You will notice that as your baby grows older, he will start getting interested in new things. Something new in the house or a new toy will definitely draw his attention. He will look at it curiously and will try to touch and play with it. This is why a neighbour who comes home once in a while may get a better response than a favourite toy that has been lying ignored all afternoon!

6. Human Faces

It has been proven well that babies are attracted the most to faces. They like looking at their parents’ faces, their own face in the mirror, etc. That is why you should go for toys which have mirrors, or books which have a lot of pictures of infants in them. This will definitely make your baby happy, and he will look at the images again and again. And guess what, it has also been proved that your baby is quite adept at reading your face! This is how and why they do it.

These are some of the things which really amuse babies. They don’t just make your baby happy, but they also help him in developing the basic senses of touching, feeling, hearing, and seeing. This is why it is very important for you to notice what your baby is doing so you will know what fascinates your baby the most. If you’re looking for further ideas to fuel your baby’s cognitive growth, we suggest you try out these activities.

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