How Does ADHD Affect Adults

This is How ADHD Could Be Affecting You

The effects of ADHD in adults are not difficult to diagnose. However, we often confuse the signs to be indicators of stress and keep struggling with them. This ADHD Awareness Month in October 2015, find out if you could be fighting a harder battle than you thought.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is usually associated with children. While it is easily spotted in kids, adults are equally susceptible to developing it. What’s troubling is that the signs often go unnoticed or disregarded as side effects of routine, hectic life.

7 Clear Signs That Might Indicate ADHD

1. You have problems keeping your bills, to-do lists and children organised. All Moms have this to some extent. Parenting is hard! But there may be trouble if you are facing severe issues or the problems are interfering with your or your family’s life.

2. Been in too many traffic goof-ups, accidental falls or over-speeding penalties lately? This is a clear sign of ADHD risk taking. If you find yourself behaving recklessly all the time, take a step back and analyse your actions.

3. You have a hard time patiently listening to your husband or child’s problems. How can ADHD affect relationships? This is how! Your family will eventually feel you are not giving them time and importance and this can upset the household.

4. Too many temper tantrums or flashes of anger could also mean something is wrong. While all of us lose patience every now and then, poor anger management needs to be checked before it damages your rapport with loved ones, or puts you in trouble at work.

5. Is sleep hard to come by? If you constantly feel edgy and cannot unwind even after a long day, there may be a deeper underlying cause than just stress. Stop taking sleeping pills or telling yourself you have insomnia; it could just be ADHD and it is very much controllable.

6. Your work deadlines keep getting missed because you find it hard to concentrate on tasks. Little things such as loud conversations at work distract you too much. This is creating a rift in your equation with your boss and you can’t seem to help it.

7. Taking initiative or actually getting down to completing a task is difficult for you. This could mean trouble with anything from cooking dinner to cleaning your closet. If you fail to get things done even after trying hard, and feel the days disappear helplessly, you could be suffering from ADHD.

This October, ask yourself if you could be suffering from ADHD. Keep track of these signs and if you are in doubt, consult with your doctor. Therapy and medication can control ADHD to a large extent. Take care!

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