World Population Day 2023 - Interesting Facts about World Population

This Can’t Be True!’ Facts On World Population Day

World Population Day was originally started by the United Nations in light of the “Five Billion Day” on July 11, 1987. This was the day when the world’s population reached five billion people! In a bid to focus on managing the exploding population and its global impact, numerous World Population Day activities and summits are organised every year. On a lighter note, why not use the chance to discover some fun facts and information about world population? Beware, they may leave you confounded!

Little Known Facts About World Population

1. Let’s crunch some numbers!

While the World Population Day celebrations are in full swing, let’s get counting. The current world population is estimated to be around 7.19 billion and increases by 2.3 people every second! As per reports, India and China alone make for 36% of the world’s population. It is believed that India will overtake China’s population and be the most populous country by 2030.

2. Population is a blessing in disguise!

Why rejoice about the increasing population, eh? Well, there are more reasons than you thought to celebrate this World Population Day in India! More than 50% of the Indian population is below the age of 25. Keeping in mind India’s growing economy, if the potential of our youth can be unleashed and harnessed with the right education and opportunities, young people can transform the future of our country. Hello, development!

3. We all want to be urban yo!

While we are busy finding out what is World Population Day, the biggest wave of urbanisation has hit our world already. It is estimated that by 2030, people will live in “mega-cities” around the globe. These mega-cities include Delhi with its staggering population of 36 million, followed by Mumbai with 28 million. Oops, fresh air and green pastures in the villages seem to be overrated.

We all want to be urban yo!

4. World population and sexual gratification

If you are wondering how the two are even related, it’s quite simple – the most sexually satisfied countries are also some of the happiest countries! Guess where India stands on this list? We are number 8! Hmmm, not bad for the land of the Kamasutra! Almost 61% of the Indian population admits to being sexually satisfied. One more thing to add to the list of World Population Day activities, if you know what we mean.

5. English Vinglish

All that desi jugaad needs some effective communication too! India has the world’s second-largest English speaking population. In absolute numbers, we’re second only to the USA in terms of people communicating effectively in English! Who knows, the history of World Population Day may just be revisited in a few years when we could be the world’s largest population to speak English.

Now that you are armed and all set with knowledge about World Population Day, you may see those unending queues at the supermarket in a different light. If they continue to be irritating, as may very well be the case, try telling yourself you too are part of the world’s population and yes, the crowd as well!

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