Things Your Wife Wants You to Know (But Isn't Saying!)

Things Your Wife Wants You to Know (But Isn’t Saying!)

After years into your marriage, do you still struggle to figure out what your wife is expecting from you? Or maybe your marriage is in its initial stages, and you’ve noticed some awkwardness between the two of you; you’ve probably even wondered why things seem complicated. These are the usual signs of not communicating enough with each other. But honestly, a lot of things remain unsaid for various reasons; one of those being, “You should know!” If you have come across this statement, do not fret because everyone cannot know everything! However, there are some basic things that you must know to keep your wife happy.

11 Things Your Wife Wants You to Know

Do you want to understand your partner better? Read on to know about some essential things your wife wants you to know but isn’t saying!

1. She loves open conversations and your undivided attention.

Couple having conversation

The key to a successful marriage is communication. Open conversations bridge the gap between misunderstandings and help build a sense of security. It does not mean she doesn’t trust you; it just means that they help her feel more secure about the relationship. Besides, she loves it when you spend time with her, talk to her, and give her your undivided attention. Of course, some days will be different; your schedule will be packed with no time to catch up, but she will look forward to the next time you will catch up with her. When you do, ask her about her day, share how your day went and have a fruitful conversation with her.

2. She could use some help with the children and chores.

Husband helping with children

Although some wives are incredibly vocal about this one, most of them hesitate to tell their husbands that they could use their help to take care of the children and complete some chores. If your wife has never talked about it, she does want you to know that you can and must help her with some responsibilities. You can set aside a few hours during the week to catch up with the kids, to help them with their homework, or play with them. You could also help your wife with the dishes, chopping vegetables, or maybe cook a meal to delight her even more. Remember, she can really use all the help she can get, so even the smallest thing you do will matter a lot to her!

3. She wants to take a break too.

Girlfriends on vacation

Just the way your wife understands why it is important for you to meet your pals, she wants you to know that she must catch up with her friends too. Of course, your wife doesn’t need permission to meet her gang, but she’ll love it if you encourage her to do so! Let her take a day off, and spend as much time away from the family as she wants to. Be supportive of her needs, and you’ll see how much more she adores you.

4. She expects intimacy before sex.

Couple cuddling

This expectation depends from person to person, but, if you have noticed that your wife seems distant or unhappy after having intercourse, it’s probably because she expected intimacy before you jumped directly to sex. She wants you to know that she loves it when you hug her, cuddle her, hold her hands, and whisper sweet nothings in her ears. She wants you to take it slow and make the moment highly pleasurable. You can watch a movie together or cuddle under the blanket talking your heart out before you take things any further, to make the experience more special for her.

5. She wants you to be loyal, honest, and truthful with her.

cheating husband

There will be times when you could be a part of an undesirable situation which could lead to issues in the marriage. She wants you to know that it is your responsibility also, to protect your marriage. Try to avoid anything and everything that could put you in the wrong light and jeopardise your marriage. This doesn’t necessarily mean you ignore your needs, desires and dreams – they are to be prioritised too – but you need to ensure they are not ahead of your marriage. Cheating, lying, and breaking promises are big no-nos; such things are better nipped in the bud. If misunderstandings persist, you must also talk to her, express your feelings, clarify everything, and strengthen her trust in you.

6. Sometimes, she just wants you to listen to her instead of providing a solution.

husband listening to wife

It is not required for you to provide a solution to every problem your wife faces. There will be days when she wants to vent out her feelings or talk about her problems, knowing subconsciously that she will find a way out sometime later. She will most probably ask for your advice or help, but if she does not, hear her out and acknowledge her feelings. Something as simple as that can help her feel better.

7. She wants you to be polite and appreciative.

sensitive and appreciative husband

This one is a no-brainer. Your wife wants you to be polite and appreciative of her efforts in the relationship. You could begin with saying a simple “thank you” after she serves you dinner, or “please” when you ask her to make a cup of coffee. Simple as they seem, such gestures definitely will work their magic on your wife!

8. She wants to be assured that you love her.

husband hugging wife

Your wife will never tire of hearing you say you love her, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep repeating the words over and over again. Saying it out loud just a few times, but in the moments she least expects it, will assure her of your love.

9. She wants you to remember important days.

husband surprising wife with a gift

Did you happen to forget your anniversary or your child’s birthday last year? If your answer is yes, you must know about this expectation! Your wife may or may not say this out loud to you, but she does want you to remember important dates. Of course, if your mind is too occupied to remember dates, and she knows about it, she will understand. But if you tend to be forgetful about such stuff, the simplest thing you can do is set a reminder on your calendar or your phone. For all you know, she’ll be more touched by that gesture than the fact that you wished her on an important day!

10. She wants you to know that she can be imperfect too.

husband consoling crying wife

This one is quite important because it allows your wife to be her own self around you. She wants you to know that she can’t be a perfect woman at all times, and that there will be days when she will fail and even break down. She needs you and your support the most during those times, and she will appreciate you for being sensitive and non-judgemental about her vulnerabilities.

11. She searches for a friend in you.

husband and wife hugging

Even if your wife has a lot of friends, she wants you to be her friend too. She would love to open her heart out to you at the end of the day, plan weekends, and have some fun. She wants to make marriage less mundane for the both of you. There’s no doubt that she enjoys the care and love you shower on her as a husband, but when you become her friend, you’ll shed the title of a husband and bridge a communication gap very gently.

We hope this information proves helpful to all you hubbies. It does not cover everything your wife expects you to know, but some of them will surely transform your marriage. Be creative if you have to and most importantly, be aware and thoughtful when it comes to your wife. Just work together and see your marriage flourish!

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