Common Reasons That Are Preventing You From Losing Weight

These 19 Reasons Could Be Why You’re Not Losing Weight At All!

You have been trying to lose weight in every way possible, even taking time out to exercise, and strictly maintaining a diet. But your old, pre-delivery clothes have been lying around in the wardrobe, ignored. Weight loss is a very real and very common problem among women, especially after pregnancy. But in spite of being on a diet, counting the calories, and eating healthy, you just CANNOT lose weight. What’s worse, the tummy fat is more stubborn than ever. What on earth is happening?

Well, the real reason has nothing to do with your body just being adamant. You are unknowingly committing mistakes that are backfiring and leading you to gain rather than lose dreaded kilos! To make weight loss an achievable target for you, we have put together the top reasons that come in your way. Read, understand and start applying them right away to finally get on the right track.

19 Reasons Why You’re Unable to Lose Weight

1. You are sleeping way too less

We understand that moms have a hard time getting enough sleep but trust us when we say this – not getting 6-8 hours of sleep will ensure that belly fat sticks around for good! Poor and inadequate sleep triggers appetite-stimulating hormones which only make you eat more but still have less energy because you are tired.

2. You aren’t counting calories correctly

You’ve been careful not to exceed your calorie count, but are you sure that you’ve got the figure right? Even a slight difference could prevent you from losing those extra kilos. Your best bet is to consult a dietician to find out how many calories you need. Break the number into 4-5 small meals a day to boost your metabolism.

3. You don’t drink enough water

Water isn’t just important for the kids; moms need a lot of it too! Water fills you up before a meal, thus keeping your portions in check. It also speeds up metabolism and eliminates unhealthy cravings – all the things you’ll fall prey to if you aren’t drinking 8-10 glasses a day!

4. Baggy, loose clothes are all you wear

Yes, loose clothes are soft and comfortable in this weather, but hey, what about your body image? Not wearing fitted clothes means you don’t care how you look which is poor motivation for weight loss. Check out these common fashion mistakes moms make which actually mean you put on weight without noticing!

5. You don’t eat anything before exercising

What happens when you work out on an empty stomach? You burn calories from muscle, not fat! Please make sure you have a bite and drink some water before working out.

6. Your daily errands are your only weight loss solution

Being a mom and a wife, you have your hands full. However, running errands alone won’t help you to lose weight. A better idea is to rev up your errands. You can do this by increasing your speed when walking to the market, or jogging up the stairs instead of the escalator.

7.You are not studying food labels closely enough

Just buying health food without studying the composition is a terrible idea. These foods often have preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that are not so healthy after all!


8. You are not relaxing or enjoying yourself

No, we are not saying this just to make you feel good. Moms have a hard time getting rest and the build-up of stress leads to weight gain. How? Stress triggers your body to eat more, and we mean high-fat and high-sugar foods. Please indulge in fun activities like dancing, spending time with your child, and yes, even shopping!

9. Your husband’s diet is not healthy

Here you are counting calories and here’s your husband eating out, splurging on dessert and not exercising at all! It becomes difficult to stick to your fitness goals if your spouse doesn’t share them. Speak to him about this.

10. You are eating portions that are too large

One very common weight loss mistake that healthy women make is to overlook the fact that even healthy food can lead to weight gain if portions are not controlled. Based on your weight and lifestyle, a dietician can help you understand the ideal portion sizes for you. Write down everything you eat and how much throughout the day to keep you aware of what you’ve been putting into your body.

11. You are eating too little

Wait, how can this affect weight loss? It can. Starving yourself only spoils your metabolism and makes you super-duper hungry for your next meal. You will also be snacking a lot which is another bad idea when you’re striving to get lean and mean.

12. That glass of soda is your best friend

What’s summer without a glass of chilled soda? Well, if this is you, weight loss may never happen! Soda has no health benefits at all but is packed with sugar that expands your waistline silently. Try out these healthy summer coolers the next time you need a drink.

13. You eat while standing up

No time to have a sit-down meal what with the kids running around in the summer vacations? Well, bad idea! Eating while standing often leads to mindless eating and is not good for your metabolism either.

14. You forget all about your diet while eating out

Just because restaurant food seems healthier than its junk counterparts does not mean it’s good for you. It could still have more calories than you need. If you have a plan to eat out, it’s wise to decide in advance what you want to have based on how many calories it possibly contains.

15. You are eating only fat-free and zero-sugar foods

It’s a myth that fat-free and no-sugar foods are ideal for people trying to lose weight. Studies have proved that they could actually contain more calories as they’re loaded with taste enhancers like salt and thickeners. If you have cravings, snack on healthy stuff like apples or a handful of nuts. Here’s a list of weight-loss snacks just for you!

16. You never allow yourself a treat

If you think that cheese-burst pizza or chocolate cake can murder your weight loss plans, think again. Not allowing yourself a treat once in a while only makes you cranky, stressed and more prone to gaining weight.

17. After exercising, you eat all the wrong stuff

What do you eat after a workout? Many of us just hog mindlessly undoing all the good that the workout did! The ideal post-workout snack should be around 150 calories and no more. Fruit such as an apple or a banana is your best bet.

18. Your exercise routine doesn’t have any cardio

If you engage in weight training and yoga, add some cardio exercises to your fitness regimen to upgrade healthy habits for real weight loss. It’ll do wonders for your body and help you in losing weight. You can also consult a good professional trainer who’ll chalk out a weight loss exercise plan for you.

19. You are not going for a walk

Are you doing a workout? So that means you don’t need a walk, right? Wrong! Walking helps you clear your head, speeds up your metabolism, keeps your energy levels high and is actually a great weight-loss tool by itself.

How many of the above mistakes were you making all these days? If a lot, there’s still time to rectify these mistakes. Weight loss needn’t be a challenge if you only continue eating healthy, staying active and steering clear of these fitness sins!

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