World Laughter Day 2023 - 7 Health Benefits of Laughter Therapy

The Seriously Awesome Thing About Humour Therapy

Laughter and healing go hand in hand. A dose of laughter can lift up any one’s spirits and keep you on the brink of good health. The best part about it is that it comes free. A fresh dose of daily laughter can get you through the toughest of days.

Humour is contagious, catching you faster than any cough, cold, or yawn ever could. Laughter eases your burdens and helps you forget life’s troubles, even if momentarily. A little laughter can go a long way in improving our physical and emotional health. Here’s how you can beat stress with a slurpy dose of laughter.

The Many Benefits of Laughter Therapy

1. Relaxes Your Mental Being

Laughter is the best-known stress buster. A good hearty laugh can rid your mind of tensions of the day. It helps you stay more focused and energized and brings about a relaxed state of mind resulting in increased happiness. You can surely benefit by finding ways to laugh in that case.

2. Alleviates Pain

Be it physical or emotional pain, humour is a natural pain reliever. By releasing endorphins – a chemical hormone released by the brain to reduce pain, laughter can help take your mind off physical pain, lulling you into a temporary state of comfort. When overcome by emotional pain, the best recourse is healing through humour that greatly helps alleviate pain and distress.

3. Boosts The Immune System

Laughter strengthens and boosts the overall health of the immune system. By decreasing stress hormones and increasing infection-fighting antibodies, laughter can help the immune system become resistant to the onslaught of infectious disease.

4. Helps Spread Happiness

We all know how contagious humour can be, spreading like wildfire. It just takes one person to start a giggle or a loud “Ha Ha” and you’ll find the rest of the gang following suit. Humour is priceless in the way it spreads happiness and laughter all around. It’s no wonder that many people take part in laughter therapy exercises to overcome the stresses of every day.

Helps Spread Happiness

5. Enhances Relationships

Humour strengthens relationships by triggering positive feelings and nurturing emotional connections. It works wonders in a marriage and is healthy for any sort of relationship. A quarrel or misunderstanding that ends in shared laughter is a magical solution to even the worst of problems.

6. Gets Rid of Negative Emotions

You cannot possibly feel sad or angry when you’ve just recovered from a bout of laughter. It can make you feel less judgmental of others, while absolving your own doubts. Humour helps you stay optimistic and floods you with that feel good feeling by getting rid of all the negative energy and distressing emotions.

7. Safeguards The Heart

Ever heard of laughter and healing for the heart? Laughter helps increase blood flow and improves the overall functioning of blood vessels, which can actually help protect against heart attacks and other ailments.

How humour heals is something you’ll never know until you experience it. A little laughter can change your perspective. It keeps you grounded and can help you get through the most trying situations and worst of disappointments. Don’t forget to carry your laughter with you wherever you go!

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