The Hardest Part about Being an Overly Nice Women

The (Not So) Funny Effects of Being a Nice Woman

Sometimes, being nice could land you in a spot. The hardest part about being an overly nice woman is never saying ‘no’ to someone. This could land you in a few sticky and uncomfortable situations. Most of you ladies may want to change that perception.

Are you tired of people taking advantage of your kindness? Women who are genuinely nice often face the brunt of it. While some consider the niceness as ‘being fake’, others feel they can manipulate you. Here are some of the problems faced by nice women today. Can you relate?

The Downside of Being a Nice Woman

1. Friendship Trouble

Friendships can sometimes go bad- or horrendously bad. If you are the kind of person who couldn’t even hurt a fly, chances are you wouldn’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings too. When all you want to do is run to the exit, you are afraid you’ll hurt their sentiments. Yes, being a nice woman can put you in a tight spot. Just remember- a relationship that stresses you more than it makes you happy may not be worth it.

2. Work Dilemma

Being nice and leading a team of colleagues is a bad match. Thinking about the welfare of your team is noble. However, it could get you into a few predicaments. You might want to please everyone, but the fact is, you can’t. In fact, being nice could be your downfall. Your team members may deliver work late and expect a free pass. They could continue to take leaves – sometimes, even without informing you. It’s always good to lay down the law once in a while. This is among the worst side effects of being a nice woman.

3. Shoulder to Lean On

You might be the kind of woman who’ll drop everything to be there for a friend. All your girlfriends consider you the shoulder they can lean on. While this is great, it can soon become a tad bit annoying. Since you have the habit of pleasing everyone, you might get stuck with their problems. Some of your friends might even want to spend the entire day ranting about how life is being unfair to them. All you choose to do is lend a sympathetic ear. There goes another day playing the superhero!

4. Too Nice

If you always have a kind word to say or you believe in helping people on a daily basis, others may think you’re being fake. They might even think the smile you flash them in the morning is pre-meditated. There’s no winning here! Why? Because most people will find it odd that you are always in such a positive mood. Talk about pessimism.

Do you relate to most of the point highlighted in the article? If you do, it’s time you tweak your personality a bit. Sometimes, being too nice can be misconstrued as being a pushover. You wouldn’t want people to call you that, right? However, this doesn’t mean that you become harsh. It only means that you repay kindness where kindness is due. Simple.

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