Lemon Water Challenge Will Zap Fat

The Lemon-Water Challenge Gives GREAT Results and is Super-Easy To Do

Weight loss is tough. We all know it, we’ve been there. But what if beginning your weight loss journey could be super easy? What if it was as simple as two-ingredients?

It’s so easy to keep putting off your weight loss efforts to the next Monday or waiting for the right time to begin. The journey to lose weight is rarely structured for most people, especially one’s that cannot resist a piece of cake when it is staring at them so lovingly!

Countless yo-yo diets and workout apps will only lead to temporary weight loss and eventually to binge-eating episodes. It’s okay, leading a disciplined life is never easy when you are dodging life’s curveballs everyday.

A lot of life’s events get in the way of a regular lifestyle and it is okay to take diversions when you need to. This is why we bring to you the 14 Day Lemon Water Challenge!It is easy-peasy, cost-effective, doesn’t require you to starve yourself and it’s easy to continue no matter where you are.

The Lemon Water Challenge does not deprive you of calories. Lemon water is NOT the only thing you will consume during these 14 days and it is not just water weight that you will lose at the end of it. It is a easier way to train your body to detoxify. Post the 14 days, drinking lemon water in the morning will become a habit and you wouldn’t want to skip it once you see the results! This Challenge is in no way unhealthy. In fact, it cleans your gut of toxins that are built up. It will aid your weight loss efforts and make bowel movements regular and smoother by improving your digestive health.

Lemon is known to boost metabolism when consumed everyday. It helps burn more calories. It does not only help lose collected weight but also prevents further weight gain. Lemons help maintain a healthy heart, prevent kidney stones, reduce risk of cancer and protect against anemia!

Lemon-Water Challenge Gives GREAT Results

After these 14 days you will notice that your breath is fresher, your apetite may be reduced, you skin feels softer and you are overall more energetic.
That’s enough reason to try this, isn’t it? Let’s look at how to do this. But first, stock up on lemons from your local vendor!

The 14 Day Lemon Water Challenge

Day 1

Squeeze the juice of one lemon with a cup of water and consume it as soon as you wake up. Have this before breakfast or anything else.

Day 2

Squeeze the juice of two lemons with two cups of water. Drink this right after you wake up. You can add a little honey to sweeten it if you like.

Day 3

On day three, squeeze the juice of three lemons into three cups of water with some honey. Consume half of this in the morning when you wake up and the other half just before lunch.

Day 4

Squeeze four lemons and extract the juice. Mix it in four cups of water and add honey for taste. Consume this first thing in the morning, before lunch and before bed.

Day 5

Take five cups of water and squeeze the juice of five lemons in it. Drink half of this first thing in the morning and the other half just before lunch.

Day 6

Squeeze out six lemons into six cups of water. Consume this three times a day, before each meal.

Day 7

Things get a little different today. Mix the juice of only three lemons in 10 cups of water. Consume this before each meal.

Day 8

Mix six squeezed lemons with six cups of water. Continue to drink this before each of your three meals.

Day 9

Squeeze five lemons in five cups of water. Remember you can always add honey to this drink to enhance the taste. Drink this before each meal as well.

Day 10

Squeeze the juice of dour lemons into four cups of water. Continue to have this before each meal.

Day 11

Mix the juice of three lemons in three cups of water. Drink it twice today.

Day 12

Squeeze out two lemons with two cups of water and consume it before breakfast.

Day 13

Drink the juice of one lemon in one cup of water as soon as you wake up.

Day 14

Squeeze three  lemons into 10 cups of water. Drink this throughout the day.

That’s it! You will be much lighter and feel cleaner from the inside! However, we recommend continuing to drink one glass of lemon water every morning as a habit.

What to Eat While Doing the Challenge

While there is no strict diet that goes along with the Lemon Water Challenge, it would help if you ate more vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and even fermented products. Plant-based proteins like soy and legumes and dark chocolate is fine too.

Try and avoid sugary foods, processed foods, soda and fast food during these 14 days.

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