Weight Loss with Hot Yoga

The Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Is hot yoga good for weight loss? Yes, it is. This apart, the pool of sweat that you see while you workout means that your body is flushing out all the harmful toxins too. So, making the time for a small session daily will do you a world of good!

A pool of sweat may gather around you during your hot yoga session. Do not give up the routine, and stick with it. While it could get a bit uncomfortable, hot yoga helps flush out harmful toxins from your body besides giving your skin that wonderful glow. So, is hot yoga good for weight loss too? There are a list of benefits associated with this ‘hot’ exercise, which by the way also includes weight loss. No wonder so many women are trying hot yoga for weight loss!

The Benefits of Hot Yoga for Weight Loss

1. Increases Flexibility

Hot yoga will not require getting into awkward and funny positions. However, the heat in the room will allow you to get into yogic postures more easily. The heat will enable you to explore the full stretch capacity of your body. The pain may be unbearable initially, but a few months down the road it will all be worth it. Of course, like any other exercise the effects of hot yoga too, in increasing flexibility, will show gradually.

2. Builds Strength

Most people do not use all the muscles in their body. Hot yoga will get all those unused muscles into motion. The low impact exercise will give you some stiff challenges too. Like, you’ll be required to stand on a wide lunge on a carpet for a long time. This will help build your core and strengthen your spine. It might hurt initially, but the thought of becoming strong and fit is worth it. Isn’t it?

3. Cardio Workout

What is hot yoga without a little cardio? Your heart will work perfectly fine during hot yoga, as it does when you go jogging or run on the treadmill. However, for this exercise you will never have to leave your mat. There are certain postures, which will require you to contract and balance your muscles at the same time. A 60-minute hot yoga class can help you burn up to 750 calories. It also helps stimulate metabolism, as you contract and expand your internal organs.


4. Helps Detox

Hot yoga can help you detox. It is essential that we detox every week, because the food we eat during the binge days could be a little too taxing on our digestive system. The heated yoga room will propel you to do more cardio, and further help you stretch more. However, it also means that you sweat profusely. It also means that you’ll be releasing toxins from your body. The various postures that you find yourself doing in your hot yoga class will help to detoxify your muscles, glands, and organs. Doesn’t this little fact make you jump up and want to enroll for a hot yoga class today

5. Heals Injuries

One of the best hot yoga health benefits involves healing injuries. The main goal of this exercise is therapy. When you continue with these yoga classes, the postures performed can actually help to heal old injuries as well as prevent them from coming up in the future. This is true in the case of back pain, especially when you perform those difficult moves. The other illnesses that an hour long hot yoga class can cure include high blood pressure, obesity, depression, and breathing ailments.

The benefits of hot yoga vs regular yoga are many. However, you will need to stick to the program             for hot yoga benefits to start showing. Attending a few classes and skipping the rest will not do you           any good. Also, adopting a healthy eating lifestyle is recommended. Remember, don’t care about             how much you perspire and be self-conscious. Rather, embrace the sweat and let your body enjoy           the bliss of this powerful exercise.

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