Stomach Bloating in Women: Causes & Remedies

The Anti-Bloating Lifestyle you Must Try

Bloating can make your life very uncomfortable. Wondering what causes bloating in women? A lifestyle pattern that includes overeating! To take the first step to a bloat-free life, there are a few changes you must bring about in your diet and habits.

That uncomfortable feeling of a distended tummy, even when you haven’t had a feast – sounds familiar? Many women have to tackle the problem of bloating and keep feeling uncomfortable. A healthy lifestyle can have surprisingly quick results on that stubborn bloat.

How to Arrest Bloating in Women

1. Enjoy Your Food

A meal has to be savoured and enjoyed – just like the French people. They make it a point to enjoy each morsel of food they ingest and guess what, this is their little secret behind smoking hot figures. If you’e hunting for a bloating remedy, don’t swallow food but chew. And chew with your mouth closed. The problem with eating in a hurry is that you tend to swallow air that contributes to gas formation. Also, when sipping on a drink, avoid using a straw. Instead, sip your drink directly from the cup.

2. Avoid Raw Veggies

When looking for foods that reduce bloating, concentrate on the basics. Case in point, raw vegetables. The veggies in their raw state can be hard to digest. Your body finds it difficult to break it down which in turn causes bloating. When you cook the vegetables, it becomes easier for your body to break them down. Keep yourself and your family away from raw veggies. Always make sure to boil them before you serve them for dinner.

Burst The Gum Habit

3. Burst The Gum Habit

Write it down – sugar is evil! It might give you a rush initially but in the long run it can ruin your health. It adds considerably to the battle with your bulge. Are you thinking sugar-free gum variety? That is especially harmful due to the abundance of artificial chemicals. To add to your woes, candies and other artificially sweetened foods are harmful too as they are not easily digestible and cause bloating. Keep away from that gum and candy jar, hard as it may be.

4. Stay Stress-Free

As a mom, work and family stress can really get to you and make your body acids works on overdrive. It’s also a big reason for stomach bloating. Stress hormones speed up your digestive system and can then lead to gas and diarrhea which cause bloating. Wondering why do women bloat more than men? Let’s say it’s mainly due to the crazy stress of running a home and working – something you know best! The best remedy to beat stress-related bloating is to go for a stroll. It moves the bubbles from your stomach and helps you feel relieved.

What to do if your stomach is bloated even after making these lifestyle changes? Seek medical help. Chances are you’re intolerant to certain foods. You could also be suffering from an infection or an intestinal problem. Seeking help and continuing healthy habits are sure to make you feel better soon!

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