The Amazing Benefits of Dancing With Your Baby

The Amazing Benefits of Dancing With Your Baby

Dance is among the most fun things you can do – even better when you do it at home! But what has dancing got to do with your baby? Does it actually help him in any way?

Research has conclusively proven that dancing is an excellent way to trigger your baby’s overall development. And this applies even when you are dancing for him! As your baby learns to move his hands and legs better, he will also learn to sway to tunes. As a parent, do your best to encourage his cute little dancing as it has a world of benefits for his growth.

Here’s What a bit of Dancing Every Day Can Do for Your Baby

1. Helps Your Baby Become More Social

Just as uninhibited dancing helps us let our hair down at a party, the same applies to babies too! Dancing lets your baby make new friends (who are also dancing), learn to make eye contact, and exchange smiles with fellow babies. Just try this out at the next baby playdate you organize!

2. Provides Sensory Stimulation to Your Baby

Dancing is a complete audio visual experience for your child. There’s the music that stimulates his sense of hearing, the thrill of seeing new faces which promotes visual development, and the developing sense of rhythm and balance that help his physical development. It’s the perfect baby exercise.

3. Gives Your Baby Much Needed Exercise

Yes, babies need exercise too and childhood obesity is a very real problem! What could be a better exercise than dancing? This is something both mom and baby can enjoy anytime of the day! When your baby is little, a bit of rocking and swinging also equals dance.

4. Introduces Your Baby to Music

This one may seem obvious but the impact of dance on your baby’s sense of music is even more than you thought. From a very young age, babies can understand synchronization, patterns, melodies and noise. Just try exposing them to something jarring and see their reaction! Some dancing practise every day triggers this musical knowledge further and this translates eventually into a better sense of patterns in other aspects of life too.

5. Teaches Your Baby New Aspects of Language

March! Stop! Move! Never are these instructions better understood than on the dance floor. While dancing together, try and use as many word labels as possible. Yes, your baby can understand your tonality and purpose even before he understands semantics! Just make sure you use hand gestures and facial expressions to convey the meaning behind the word.

There, mommy, dancing is excellent both for your baby and you! The next time you’re feeling low and drained, just put on some music, take off your shoes, and put up a dance performance only for your little one!

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