17 Simple Exercises That Only Need 5 Minutes

The 17 Simplest Exercises That Only Need 5 Minutes

Of the many options for outdoor activities for kids, nature offers the best answers. The same goes for moms! While swimming, running and skipping are highly physical activities, there are some simple things you can do that need no toil but leave you feeling fitter. And when you are fit and at peace, happiness comes to visit you on its own!

You want to lose weight but don’t have the time to go to gym. Or you don’t have the time to follow a rigorous workout routine at home. What can you do then to lose weight, especially that adamant belly fat that simply refuses to go?

Weight loss is harder for moms. There is no time to exercise, let alone breathe! But fitness isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. In fact, moms need to be fitter than others simply to have the energy to run after their children!

We bring you our list of belly fat burning workouts at home that need no crash diets, no equipment, and indeed, only five minutes! Remember that you will have to keep at them rigorously to see results. The longer you workout, and the better your diet is, the sooner results are going to happen!

Quick 5 Minute At Home Exercises

The Belly-Fat Burning 5 Minute Exercise Routine

1. Leg Raises

Here’s the two-in-one combo that works on your abs better as well as back muscles! Leg raises are super easy-to-perform – you can start with one leg and graduate to two legs when you’re feeling more comfortable.

Leg Raises

2. Stretching

This works by improving blood circulation to your vital organs as well as reducing friction in your muscle movement. Stretch out your arms, legs and back and neck. You can do this right after you wake up in the morning. (Shh, it doesn’t even take five minutes!)


3. Crunches

No, don’t be intimidated. Crunches are terrific for toning your muscles and flaunting a flat belly without being difficult to do. You can perform the simplest crunch by lying on the ground with your hands at the back of your head, and then sitting up while putting pressure on your stomach muscles.


4. Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are definitely your best friend when you want flat abs. All you need to is lie down, place your hands beneath your head, bend your knees, and then gently lift your head followed by your shoulder blades. Do only as many reps as you can and as time permits.


5. Half Sit-Up

If sit-ups seem too difficult or tiring for you, you can try a half one. Situp only to the extent that you can without taxing your body too much.

Half Sit Ups

6. Neck and Shoulder Twist

Not only is this a good exercise for your muscles, but it also helps control your back pain. Another perk is the boost of energy it has been known to provide!

Neck and Shoulder Exercise

7. Facial Twists

Your face needs exercise too, especially if you have a double chin. Try out facial exercises like moving your jawline around and flexing your eyebrows when you have some time.

Face Exercise

8. Gardening

Surprised? Well, the shovelling, planting and uprooting, watering, cleaning and decorating that goes into maintaining a garden is equivalent to a good workout session!


9. Skipping

Remember the childhood game that pleased us so when we were in school? Skipping has tons of merits even in adulthood and is fun to do at the same time. It’s a terrific belly busting idea too!


10. Planks

If you’re looking at a comprehensive exercise for the entire body, with special emphasis on the abdominal problem area, planks are your best bet. Read this guide on how to do a basic plank and you can master them in no time!


11. Basic Yoga

You already know this is a winner. Yoga makes you feel energized, works your muscles, improves your blood circulation, and even helps with your menstruation cramps. Morning and evening are both considered good times for yoga; pick based on whatever suits you best.

Basic Yoga

12. Aerial Sit-Down

This quick and nifty little workout needs you to “sit” in the air. This aerial sitting position exercises your back and hip muscles – areas that often tend to accumulate fat if not exercised!

Sit Down Exercise

13. Stair Climbing

If you have stairs in your home or office, use them at least twice every day. This is a great way to keep your calves toned. You will look terrific in that knee length dress pretty soon!

Stair Climbing

14. Dancing

Of course this is a workout! It exercises your entire body, works your limb muscles, helps you feel more cheerful and also aids in weight loss. Dance away to glory whenever you have the time!


15. Pet Time

Taking your pet for a walk every day is exercise for both of you. If you have a particularly energetic dog, you will be taken for quite a run! The two of you can also do some fun pet exercises like play with the Frisbee.

Pet Time

16. Household Chores

Moms are no strangers to the million household chores that multiply after baby comes home. Swiping the floor, cleaning the cobwebs and bending over for dusting are terrific workouts on their own. Now that’s something to cheer us up!

Household Chores

17. Jumping

Probably the simplest workout in our list but a lot of fun nevertheless. Get a trampoline, choose a fluffy mat or just use your bed. Jump for five minutes to see your body all revved up!

Jumping Exercise

Which exercises are you taking up this year? We are cheering for you!

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