Zodiac Signs Way of Expressing Anger

Temper and the Stars: How Angry is your Zodiac Sign?

Did you know that it’s not just circumstances and the people around that govern your temperament? According to believers, your zodiac sign also influences it immensely. Here’s a look at how zodiac signs express anger. Learn about your sign and see how you can deal with this emotion positively.

Do you wonder why you get mad quickly while your friend seems to take matters rather lightly and reacts differently than you to the same situation? It could very well be because of the stars! While not proven, it’s hard to ignore certain similarities you may face with people having the same zodiac sign as you.

Explore Zodiac Signs’ Way of Expressing Anger

True or not, knowing what your sign says about you could help you learn to temper your hot-headedness or learn to confront your feelings.

1. Aries


Known to be strong-headed and dominating, Aries women can explode without bothering about the repercussions of their behaviour. They’re easily angered but they also calm down soon after and may even apologise, especially if the other person remains calm.

2. Taurus

Taureans are not angered easily. However, if they do get upset you can be in for serious trouble! They tend to turn cold initially and if their anger builds, they can suddenly burst like a volcano, leaving you stunned.

3. Gemini

Geminians are known for their cool behaviour and logical approach. They cannot stand illogical and silly conversations and behaviour. They usually use sarcastic remarks and harsh words to express their anger.

4. Cancer

Known for their sensitive nature, Cancerians tend to get hurt even about little things, though they do try to suppress their emotions and stay calm. If you upset them a bit too much, they may have an outburst.

5. Leo

Leo women may scream and roar when angered! Though they possess good self-control, they can go a tad mad when enraged. Unlike an Arian, however, Leos hardly apologise for their behaviour.

6. Virgo

Virgos are the last to react angrily in any given situation. They try to hold and suppress their emotions as much as possible. When they can’t do it any longer, they end up bursting out and may even get a little violent!

7. Libra

Librans are very cautious about their image and refrain from any kind of emotional outburst in public. However, they can be quite cutting when they want to.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios usually try to maintain their cool and get away from their opponents as they know that the damage caused by their anger would be irreparable. But, they can get sarcastic at times.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians can be angered easily and can even become extremely rude. Their blunt behaviour can bring opponents to tears. However, the positive side is that they say things outright and don’t hold grudges.

10. Capricorn

One of the most peaceful and composed signs, Capricornians try to keep their calm, but if pushed to their limits, they can get extremely scornful. They may shout, even create a scene and make very cutting remarks.

11. Aquarius

One of the most intelligent signs, Aquarians don’t like to lose their cool. They get angered very rarely and when they do, it can get really bad. You’ll see them yell, have the last word and walk out.

12. Pisces

Extremely emotional, Pisceans get angry easily. Still, they try to avoid emotional outbursts and will attempt to talk things out. In extreme cases, they tend to get violent and may even try to harm themselves.

These are the ways how zodiac signs show anger. Look around and compare the behaviour of your friends and family members with the information shared here and you could be surprised by the results. The next time you feel irritated, think of how zodiac signs behave when angry and try to temper this powerful emotion.

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