Tearjerker Alert! 6 Things that Get New Moms Weeping

Tearjerker Alert! 6 Things that Get New Moms Weeping

The exhilaration of welcoming a newborn sets the wheels of every new mom’s emotions in overdrive. It all starts from holding the baby in your arms for the first time and watching your baby’s first smile. It’s a rollercoaster ride with lots of laughter – and some surprise tears!

You’ve just had your first child and for some strange reason find yourself tearing up every now and then. Relax, it’s natural. The reasons why you cry are both sweet and hilarious and while you may not realize it, there are definite triggers that turn on the taps!

6 Reasons That Make New Moms Go Boo-Hoo

1. When The Nurse Takes Baby Away

It’s the longest and saddest moment of a new mom’s life when the nurse takes the baby away to the nursery. It gets tears rolling down in seconds! We understand. How can a new mom bear to be separated from her baby even for a nanosecond?

2. Baby’s First Smile

The first smile is the cutest thing so why cry about it, right? Well, new moms understand that baby is smiling because he is happy to see her and the smile is his way of saying “mom, you’re doing a great job!” More than enough reason to cry, we say.

3. Soppy Baby Commercials

You know those videos where baby giggles at mom’s caresses or holds mom’s hand and walks? They are absolutely tear-jerking and if you’re a new mom, can get you bawling like a baby yourself!

Soppy baby commercials

4. The End of Maternity Leave

Now, this is a tough one. You realize that one-on-one time with baby is going to be lesser and the mere anticipation of having to leave baby for 9 to 10 hours is dreadful! Tears are natural when you’re thinking of the distance.

5. Being Judged on Parenting Skills

Yes, lots of people are insane enough to try this with new moms. Something as basic as saying baby’s clothes are not matching or enquiring about how often you change baby’s diapers can be distressing! New moms don’t take kindly to family or friends telling her what to do and what not to do with the baby. After all, a mother knows best!

6. She’s Missing Out on The Fun

As much as she loves the thrill of being a new mom, she also misses all the fun with her girlfriends. So if you’re friends with a new mom and catch her howling about the girls night out or pyjama party she will miss, give her the benefit of doubt. Mommying can be tough!

Call it mood swings, stress, or whatever you like, the reasons why new moms cry can be quite unfounded – oops, adorable! But in the end, when baby looks at you and winks, all the tears and then some more are more than welcome.

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