How To Talk To Baby In The Womb While Pregnant

Talking To Baby In The Womb During Pregnancy

Does talking to someone who isn’t born yet sound like a paranormal activity? NO! This is backed by evidence that shows that the baby responds to external stimuli such as touch, sound and even smell. While it may be difficult to have a riveting conversation with your unborn child, the baby’s ability to receive external stimuli makes it inconsequential. Their senses are heightened and have a good idea about the world around them through you. Everything that you experience is something that they would feel as well because of the physical connection.

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Why Talking to Your Baby in the Womb Is a Good Idea

1. Helps to Stimulate Hearing in the Child

Studies have shown that development of the ears starts early on in the pregnancy at week 25. Unlike visionm which is poor, as the fetus cannot have access to the outside world, hearing is something that can be developed. The tiny hair that is beginning to grow inside the ears during this time is tuned into the world outside to get stimulated. A word of caution, avoid exposing yourself to a noisy environment as sounds over 60 decibels can hamper the baby’s auditory development.

2. Helps in Developing Oral Communication

Would it be unbelievable to think that a baby can remember words that have frequently been used by you? One study certainly thinks and goes on to say that it can help build communication due to familiarity. This isn’t surprising because learning any language involves a lot of listening. You can even watch television programs of different languages and make them a multilingual even before they are born!

3. Helps Your Baby Get Familiar With You

Just because they reside within you doesn’t mean they’ll get to know who you are. You would need to communicate with them on a regular basis, share with them your hopes and fears, and they will listen. A study conducted showed that infants were able to figure out the emotions that their moms were going through. Is it possible that someone can be familiar with the emotional make-up of another without being familiar with them? No, your unborn child is always listening, and communicating early on can help them understand who you are as a person.

4. Helps Establish a Bond With the Baby

Bonding with unborn baby is not something that you can pick up from any book. It is something that you must experience by talking to him/her every day. Talking will strengthen the love you already possess and help mentally prepare you to become a parent.

5. Helps Strengthen the Relationship With Your Partner

Spending just a few minutes talking to your baby can also be a relationship-building exercise. Couples who are busy with their daily life can spend time with each other. With a relaxing environment, some couples even open-up and talk about unresolved issues.

Helps Strengthen the Relationship With Your Partner

Best Ways to Communicate With Your Baby in the Womb

1. Talking

This might seem a little strange, if not comical. How to talk to your baby in the womb? It’s simple, just talk to them the way that you would to anyone else. You could do something as simple as getting into the habit of wishing them in the morning. If you hear a loud sound that is unpleasant, verbally reassure your baby that it is nothing and that they are fine. When you are happy about something, make sure that you let your baby know about it too so they can share your joy.

2. Painting

Did you know that painting can be two-way communication between you and your baby? During your first trimester, get paint supplies, close your eyes and create whatever you want, keeping the baby in mind. Expressing the inner artist in you is a way to connect with your baby. Now, moving to the third trimester, you can let them paint. Sounds crazy? Well, that’s exactly what six moms from Belgium did! They stuck some paintbrushes to their bellies and allowed the baby’s movements to create paintings. In fact, their unborn babies were so effective that they managed to spread awareness about the risks babies face during birth.

3. Dancing

It might seem odd to think that dancing and pregnancy can be pulled off together, but it can! Express yourself through dance and music, but be sure to do it within your limits. It helps reduce anxiety and the happiness you feel while dancing will be picked up by your child. Don’t be surprised if your baby starts dancing back as this footage from a 4D ultrasound has shown just that!


4. Music

Since we know that an unborn child has an acute sense of hearing, why not take advantage of it through music? A study conducted has given rise to the concept of ‘The Mozart Effect’. It says that exposing individuals for 10 minutes to classical music can improve their spatial reasoning skills. Exposing your child to the same could be your way of communicating concepts that children learn when they’re born! Who thought your child would have their first lessons so early!

5. Flavourful Food

Studies show that by the time a foetus is around four months old, they have a well-developed sense of taste. This means that you can go for dinner dates with just you and your unborn baby. Get to connect over your favourite foods and try out some exotic, but safe foods to have during pregnancy.

6. Aromatic Food

The sense of smell and taste are intimately connected as any foul odour warns us against rotten food. This role of smell is compounded in a foetus that smells the food in the amniotic fluid. A study showed that aromas play a powerful role and even helps in shaping their food habits. You could share some of your favourite sweet-smelling dishes and let them know what you like.

7. Get the Family Involved

You’re their universe and rely on you to help them make sense of this world. However, you may not always be there with them, and they would need to learn to trust the people around them. Get your partner involved so that they both get acquainted. If you have a toddler, let them have regular meetings so that they understand who the other is. If you have a dog, they’ve already figured out that you’re pregnant. Let them nuzzle away at your belly so that they can both interact with each other.

8. Baby Shower Introduction

When your due date is close by, assemble all your closest friends and relatives and invite them over for a baby shower. During this time, you could introduce your baby to those who make it. Ask your guests to talk as well so that the baby can hear them and be acquainted with their voice. Your child will be able to pick up the tone, and also understand the dynamics you share with other people.

9. Massage Your Belly

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Make a ritual out of it by bringing out the oils and creams at a convenient time to begin the bonding. If you have the time, you could pick out some essential oils that are safe for you and the baby inside you and mix it for some aromatherapy. Recruiting your partner to give you belly massage can make it into a family affair. A study conducted showed that foetuses sometimes reach out to respond to the touches. One of the most extraordinary findings of this study was that the baby could differentiate who was touching the belly. Researchers came to this conclusion because babies respond differently when the stomach is touched by the mother, father and a stranger.

10. Yoga

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you’re constricted to home. There are other things also that you can do during this phase. For example, you can practise yoga in pregnancy. Yoga is a way where you can declutter your mind from everything else and focus on you and your baby. The visualisation exercises that you will be doing can help you reconnect with your baby. As they are inside you, you must rely on all your other senses to listen to your baby. When was the last time they pushed against your belly? Have you been giving too much stress to your child? There are plenty of yoga exercises that you can do, such as pregnancy yoga that is safe for you and the baby.

Pregnant woman doing yoga

11. Hypnobirthing

This is a birthing technique that relies on self-hypnosis rather than medication. However, the practice is flexible and allows medical intervention when the pain is unbearable. Stress hormones released by the mother, have been known to affect unborn babies. During or before labour, anxiety or fear of the labour process can be a form of unintended communication for the baby to be under stress. Hypnobirthing focus is to remove that fear and relax the body. This helps you concentrate on your baby and assure them that everything will be okay.

12. Reading

Reading books to your baby is another way to communicate with your baby. Try to stick to light and joyful reads that will make you happy. Once in a while, you can also read inspirational books. You can read the books aloud and ask the baby inside you if he/she understands it. Don’t hesitate to explain the content if you think it is too complex for your baby. The small talk in between reading can really help you bond with your baby. You may also ask your partner to read books out loud for you and the baby if you are too tired to read.

Learning to communicate with someone who is inside you can seem awkward at first, but once you start, you’ll never stop. This is the closest that you will be with your child so savour every moment with them. Eat, dance, pray and enjoy life together because life is short. Before you know it, they’ll be going to school, and after a few years, they’ll be adults.

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