Walk the Talk- The importance of talking and communicating with your child

Talking and Communicating with your Child

Talking to your preschooler and listening to what she has to say plays a crucial part in ensuring that you have a free-flowing communication with her. By talking to her regularly, you can ensure that all is well in her little world. Here are some thoughts on the importance of talking with your child, and the ways to communicate effectively.

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Just like adults, your preschooler needs someone to talk to her, and to tell someone how her day has been. Kids like to express their thoughts, feelings and fears to someone close. This is very important for developing a sense of bonding, as well as improving a child’s self confidence and their overall sense of well-being. Here are some thoughts on why talking to your preschooler and communicating with her is important, and some tips to do it effectively.

Why Talking to your Child is Important

1. Improves her Sense of Observation

Talking to your child does not mean lecturing her about the various do’s and don’ts you have chalked out for her. Talking to your child should foster a sense of communication, which will help your child to open up to you. Talking to your child about the world around her and its little wonders will also encourage her to observe and understand things. Next time you go for a walk in the park with your preschooler, instead of tugging her along, make a conscious effort to talk to her about what you see around you, what interests you, and so on. Find out what she finds beautiful and appreciate it.

2. Improves her Grasp of Languages

Your child is in a much better position to improve her language skills if she is constantly surrounded by people who talk to her, and encourage her to communicate back. What is important to remember here is that a dialogue between you and your child is more advantageous than her being a passive listener. So ensure that you take out time every day to have a conversation that interests your child.

3. Improves her Sense of Emotional Well-being

Your preschooler may go through a lot of emotions that may not make sense to her. Talking to your child in a non-judgemental and gentle way will help her see you as a confidant. It will build in her the confidence that you love her unconditionally, and have her best interests in mind.

4. Improves her Self-esteem

When you teach your child to manage stress and encourage her to face challenges, it has a positive impact on her confidence. Talking to your child positively and praising her little successes will help her feel good about herself and improve her overall self confidence.

Improves her Self-esteem

Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your Child

  • Remember that listening is as important as talking. Take out time to listen to her and give her your undivided attention. Only then will she be open to listening to what you have to say.
  • Take the effort to see that you carve out some time every day to talk to her with absolutely no distractions.
  • As far as possible, try to be a good listener. Do not try to correct your child as she speaks and try to be as non-judgemental as possible. If she is confiding about a mistake that she has done, resist the temptation to scold or blame her. Assure her that everyone makes mistakes, and it is important that you learn from them.
  • Give your child positive feedback and celebrate her positive points and work on her negatives.
  • Encourage your child to talk to you without the fear of criticism or judgement. Give your child the time to finish whatever she is talking, and try not to interrupt in between. If you need to explain things during a conversation, do it in a way that she can understand.

By talking to your child, you can find out what is going on in her little world and help her develop a sense of happiness and well being. It will help her develop into a self confident and articulate person.

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