Why 'Me Time' Is Important for Mothers

Taking Time Out for Yourself Doesn’t Make You a “Selfish Mom”

A whole chunk of alone time all just for you seems like a dream, especially for mothers who have to tackle a slew of work everyday. Attending to your own personal needs may seem like you’re being selfish, but you need to understand the importance of me time to feel refreshed and alive.

It’s important to take out dedicated ‘me time’ for moms because it’s when you’re happy that your child’s happy. Many moms tend to feel guilty if they can’t attend 24/7 to their children’s calls. This mom guilt can weigh you down and doesn’t allow for a balanced existence between the woman and the mother in you. Being a mom is a full-time job, so it’s essential to take a break every once in a while.

Learn the Importance of ‘Me Time’

When you’re a working mom, “I feel so guilty” is a common phrase that runs through your mind when it comes to leaving your children behind. But you need to remember that once you learn to balance your responsibilities at work and at home, your children benefit and you become more confident in your roles. According to studies, being a working mom can leave you with a wealth of benefits, one of which is becoming a role model for your child. So, if you thought that juggling work and motherhood was something to be guilty about, you were very wrong!

Guilt can let you miss out on all the wonderful things in life. Instead of focusing on how good you have it, worrying about how your children will have to do without their mom for a few hours every day only serves to bring you down and everything you’ve achieved. It’s easy to be an over-concerned mother and obsess over things, but you need to relax, sit back and take a breath. Motherhood is a learning process and you’ll eventually figure out how you can make the day better for your little ones, instead of just focusing on your mistakes.

Release your Guilt and Enjoy Motherhood

You can really mess up things with guilt. Sometimes, it’s your own thoughts that hold you back from letting go of that stubborn mom guilt. These thoughts can leave you feeling exhausted and irritated, often leading to yelling at the kids and ruining their day as well as yours. Instead of experiencing all that, try to release your guilt and bring out the best in yourself. Prepare a yummy dinner or give you brood candy floss as a treat once in a while. You could also have a fun storytelling session or humming of their favourite lullabies.

Relaxing mother

Learn to Relax

The world won’t end if you take out time for yourself once a while. Personal time can put things in perspective and help you appreciate all the good things you have going on in your life. If you and hubby are due for a date, plan a night of romance and relaxation. Leave the kids behind with someone you trust. Even just a few hours of ‘you time’ can help you connect with yourself, your hubby and your children.

A Happy Mom is a Productive Mom!

Taking a break from the routine of life can offer more than relaxation. Mommies who are in tune with themselves are more productive and are less prone to irritation and mood swings. When your mind is at peace, you’re more unlikely to act irrationally and be short tempered even when your toddlers push your buttons. You learn to enjoy life and meet challenges head-on.

Breaking free from mommy guilt is possible, but only if you’re willing to accept that you deserve personal time. Once you realise that, you’ll find that you enjoy being a mom even more and that the everyday responsibilities and challenges are easier to shoulder. Motherhood’s an amazing gift so don’t leave any room for guilt. Let it go and learn to cherish every moment of life.

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