Second Opinions and Changing Doctors

Taking Second Opinions and Changing Doctors for Better Treatment

As a parent you always want the best for your child. If your child’s health is not improving for the better even after prolonged medication, there is nothing wrong in taking a second opinion or changing your doctor. Here, we have compiled for you some important points you should keep in mind while changing your child’s doctor.

Taking a second opinion does not necessarily mean you antagonize your child’s first doctor. It is this thought that causes many parents to shy away from a second opinion. However, it is your child’s well being at stake here, so you should not let any inhibitions come in your way. You should not only consider a second opinion, but you can easily change your doctor if the need be.

Before taking a second opinion, it is advisable to speak to your doctor once again and discuss anything that you may not have understood. It will be a good idea to speak of smallest symptoms that your child is showing. If you are not fully satisfied you may change the medication and take a different course of treatment and discuss with him. Your doctor will help you to choose another doctor who may be a specialist in that area. Most doctors understand when something is not their expertise and refer a senior doctor to you.

Most parents are worried as to how long do they need to wait before taking a second opinion. The answer is simple – since you are looking to go to different doctor you will have to seek an appointment and be present accordingly, and getting another opinion may also delay the treatment, and it can aggravate your child’s problem in case it is a serious medical condition one should not delay. Also ask your doctor how time delays can affect your child’s health.

How to Choose a New Doctor

How to Choose a New Doctor

1. Discuss

Discuss with parents in the neighbourhood, whose children have suffered from similar medical conditions. They will be able to guide you to the right practitioner.

2. Specialist

You need to find out the expertise of the doctor for your child’s medical condition. He may or may not be the most popular pediatrician but if he has addressed your kid’s problems, you can walk up to him.

3. Appointment

Check for the time it takes for an appointment, and how does the doctor handle an emergency, to know his behaviour.

4. Distance

The doctor should not be miles away from you because in case of need, you will take a lot of time to reach him.

Going to a new doctor does not mean you cannot go back to your General Practitioner or Paeditrician. It only means that you went out for a second opinion only for a specific medical condition. Most parents take a second opinion for a child when they feel a little worried, and it is absolutely fine because doctors themselves encourage second opinions for a better perspective and discussion. Remember at the end of the day, all you are working towards is giving a healthy life to your child.

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