Teenage Girls and Their Mothers

Stop That, Mom! 6 Old Habits you Need to Break

When you’re a mother of a teenage girl, sometimes things go from bad to worse. All teenage girls and their mothers find it tough to each other’s attitude.But how about changing your perspective to deal with her hormonal fluctuations and transition to adulthood?

Your teenage girl is no more a young child, so you can stop treating her like one. Accept the fact that being a teenager, she now has her own views and desires. While it’s good to be a protective mom, you don’t want to be the one she’ll be scared to even have a talk with. Break those old habits of yours and help your girl deal with being a teen.

Habits that Moms of Teenage Girls Need to Shed

1. Being Just a Friend

This is one of those things that requires a fine balance. When you become friends with her and forget your parenting bit, you unknowingly make life harder. Love your daughter unconditionally and be the one she can turn to when something worries her. It’s good to be a friend, but don’t forget that you’re a mom most of all.

2. Nagging Her for Attention

Your teenage daughter’s days are filled with endless chats with friends, posting selfies and non-stop tweeting. If only she had some time for you! If this is what’s troubling you, try putting yourself in her shoes. She wants to hang out with her own peers and you should let her. It doesn’t mean she loves you less.

3. Not Letting Her Have Privacy

Respect your daughter’s privacy. She has to deal with a lot of hormonal changes and mood swings. Giving her some space can strengthen the relationship between teenage girls and their mothers. You may feel wounded when she wants to hole up in her room, but it’s a part of growing up and you should let her be.

Not letting her have privacy

4. Trying to Fix Everything

You love your daughter and always want to protect her. But remember that she’s slowly turning into an adult and needs to learn how to make decisions. Yes, it’s likely that she’ll make mistakes too. Who doesn’t? Relax and let her learn what life has to offer her. You can always guide her and be there for her when she needs you.

5. Criticising Her

Teenagers can drive you crazy! They’re stubborn and think they know it all. But unless your daughter’s done something bad, stop criticising her. Be her strength and not her weakness. Don’t complain about her fashion sense unless you absolutely need to. Don’t nag her for not keeping her room tidy. She’ll learn in her own time.

6. Not Setting Boundaries

At times, giving your daughter freedom on everything might backfire. Maintain your authority and let her know what is okay and what isn’t. Don’t melt when you have to ground her for back talk or unacceptable behaviour. She may hate you, but she’ll learn to get past it.

Teenagers can test your patience and your mommy skills. But as much as you find yourself pushed to the limits, you need to learn how to stay calm, continue loving her and being there for her. You’ll find it easier to deal with her teenage emotions and she’ll love you for it.

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