Foods Not to Eat Before Having Sex

Stop Eating! Are These Foods Damaging Your Sex Drive?

There are a lot of things that impact your sex drive and food is one of them. There are certain items that affect the libido negatively and can make getting turned on difficult. Surprised? Read on to know the foods to avoid before having sex.

There are days when you’re more charged up and long to get closer to your partner. Then are those days when you just don’t feel like it. Even foreplay doesn’t seem to do much. Why is this? There are many reasons why you don’t feel turned on and in the mood to make love. It could be because of your mood, your busy schedule and even because of the food you eat.

A Few Foods Not to Eat Before Sex

1. Cheese

You love cheese but your libido doesn’t! In fact, it’s not just cheese but other dairy products that tend to lower your sexual desire. They produce excess mucus in some people and can make one feel clogged up. Give your cravings for dairy a rest, at least until you’ve made love. Remember, food and sex go hand-in-hand!

2. Alcohol

A glass or two of beer or wine can set your mood right for the night. However, if you think that downing the entire bottle will enhance your desire then you’re highly mistaken. Too much alcohol can reduce your sensitivity to touch, which means an orgasm might be elusive. So drink within limits to set the mood; just don’t guzzle everything. That goes for hubby too!

3. Canned Food

The high level of sodium in canned food can cause acidity, not the best condition to get you turned on. As much as you can, avoid these foods before having intercourse. However, if you’re too lazy to cook or have no other option but to rely on canned food, rinse the contents in water to get rid of the excessive salt. Try not to consume the liquid in the can too.

4. Oats

Rich in proteins, oats are a great way to kick-start your day especially if you’re feeling constipated. Researchers state that oatmeal not only keeps you energised but also aids your body in producing the stress-reducing hormone, serotonin, which boosts your sex drive. However, despite these pros, they’re included in the list of what not to eat before sex so limit them to just one bowl at a time. Having too much in one go can have a negative impact on your sex drive.

5. Broccoli


As healthy as it is, broccoli is not very good for your libido. This is because your body produces methane to digest it that results in excess gas and can put your mood off. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating this healthy green that’s rich in vitamins and minerals; just avoid eating it before having sex.

Besides these, other foods to avoid before having sex are energy drinks, beans, tofu, red meat, peppermint and french fries. All these foods contain content that can reduce your sexual desire. So if you’d been wondering why you just don’t feel the urge to get into the act even when you’re in a great mood, you’re probably making the wrong food choices. Ditch them before making love and save them for another time.

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