Protein Rich Foods for Women to Get Flat Abs

Stock up on Protein for a Toned Tummy

Protein preserves and builds lean muscle tissues, burns calories through digestion, and increases energy levels. A prerequisite for losing belly fat, protein is effective for muscle growth too. Get the advantages of protein and amino acids into your life and enjoy higher energy levels from the word go.

With more and more women investing their exercise time in strength training for building muscle mass, there’s a big incentive to consume proteins, and on a regular basis too. As your body grows, it needs adequate protein intake for breaking down food into energy that’s used by the brain, different organs, and muscles. So, when your muscles increase in size, they require more protein for growth and maintenance.

How Protein Intake will Help you Get Flat Abs

1. Understand Different Types of Protein and Their Function

Protein is found in plant-based and animal based forms in your regular diet. Animal proteins include fish, game meats, beef, poultry, eggs, and cheese. Plant-based proteins are best found in tofu, other soy products, lentils, and beans. But hey, don’t start grabbing all the protein that you can lay your hands on. Remember, there are three types of proteins: high-fat protein, medium-fat protein, and lean protein. Proteins that contain higher fat content also contain higher calories per ounce, so choose accordingly.

2. Protein Fights Hunger

If you’re trying hard to maintain a healthy body weight or lose those extra kilos, then you need to up the content of protein to reduce belly fat. This is because, unlike carbohydrate that digests quickly, protein-rich foods take longer to get processed and therefore, fight hunger. So, when you aren’t feeling hunger pangs or not eating too quickly, you eat less—thereby contributing less to unwanted weight gain.

Protein Fights Hunger

3. Increased Metabolism for More Energy

One of the primary advantages of protein is that it’s an important metabolism booster. This nutrient helps in burning more calories because of its high thermic effect. Thermic effect is the energy (in calories) required by your body for breaking down, digesting, and metabolising food.

4. Try this List of Foods Rich in Protein

Think cheese, chicken breast, eggs, red meat, Greek yogurt, whey, salmon, nuts, milk, and other sources of protein to start with. Aim at consuming 1 gram of protein for each pound you weigh; so, if you happen to weigh 165 lbs, then aim towards 165 grams of protein intake every day.

5. Pick a Protein Diet to Lose Belly Fat

Protein has the ability to keep you feeling full and for a longer period of time. Moreover, in comparison to meat, your body burns more calories if you ingest protein. Are you aware that protein burns about 25 calories for each 100 calories consumed? Believe it or not, fats and carbohydrates burn only 10 to 15 calories for each 100 calories intake! Need you ask for more?

So, wait no longer to start wearing those pretty midriff showing blouses once again. Oh yes, with the right protein diet in place, you can say “goodbye” to your belly fat forever!

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