Starting Jan 2023, Give Up These Seemingly Harmless Habits That Are Shortening Your Lifespan

Starting Jan 2022, Give Up These Seemingly Harmless Habits That Are Shortening Your Lifespan

We live in a world where we believe everything that we do is right. In this day and age, watching TV shows for hours, partying till the wee hours of the morning, eating junk food late at night, or having that irresistible cup of chai at midnight come under the purview of fun in our minds. After all, life is all about having fun, right? That’s our mindset! However, these everyday habits that seem ‘FUN’ to us today, very slowly and without warning, take years off our lives.

7 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Can Shorten Your Lifespan

Find out what are these common unhealthy habits of yours that silently shave off years from your life. A devil-may-care attitude does not always bring good and these habits can seriously affect your health in the worst possible way.

1. Snacking at Midnight

We all snack at midnight – it reminds us of our good ol’ college days, doesn’t it? While midnight snacking is alright once in a while, treating yourself to sweet and salty snacks at odd hours on a regular basis can wreck your metabolism and increase your risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. Eating late at night and sacrificing your night’s sleep may increase your triglycerides levels, thus increasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Triglycerides are fats or extra calories that are stored in fat cells, and it is not easy to get rid of them. So, avoid eating late at night. If you feel extremely hungry, eat a healthy snack like makhana – but not too much. Also, get good sleep.

A girl snacking at midnight

2. Binge-watching Your Favourite Shows

We all have done this and we still do – binge-watch our favourite shows on Netflix till our eyelids become heavy. Yes, we understand that some series have cliffhangers in each and every episode, and you and your partner can’t seem to give it up in between, but sacrificing your sleep for these series won’t do you any good. Binge-watching till late in the night can affect your sleep quality and make you feel tired all day long, every day. It may also affect your eyes, brain, and overall health. You may have too many shows to catch up on, but don’t watch them for 3 hours at a stretch. Limit yourself to just an hour of watching any show – just the way you set rules for your kids, set them for yourself too.

3. Eating Too Much SALT

If you are someone who loves to eat your daal, sabzi, or salads with an extra pinch of salt, you may be jeopardizing your health and reducing your lifespan – and we are not kidding, not in the least. Eating too much salt can damage your heart and kidneys. Consuming too much salty or processed foods is also one of the causes of high blood pressure. So, limit your salt intake; avoid sprinkling extra salt on cooked food.

A woman adding salt in salad

4. Not Playing Safe in the Bedroom

Yes, nobody likes being advised on their bedroom habits, but it is just a gentle reminder to ensure that you stay healthy and happy for long. Having unsafe sex can compromise your health. Unprotected sex can put you at the risk of developing incurable diseases like HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis. Although these diseases are no longer a taboo subject and can be treated to an extent, it is best to be on the safer side. So, make sure to use protection while having sex.

5. Biting Your Nails

It may seem like just another harmless habit which you may not accept in public, but it can actually reduce your lifespan. Nail biting can introduce bacteria (hidden under your nails) into your bloodstream and may cause ‘sepsis’, a life-threatening blood infection. So, the next time you take your fingers to your mouth to bite your nails, control the urge.

A woman biting her nails

6. Skipping Your Breakfast

Who has the time for breakfast? You manage to get up at 7 in the morning and in the rush to reach your workplace on time, you miss the most important meal of your day. You may not be paying heed to this habit of yours now, but do know that in the long run, it will affect your health. A healthy breakfast can regulate your appetite for the day; if you skip it, you may end up eating more during the day, which in turn increases your chances of weight gain. And we all know that weight gain or obesity can lead to severe health complications, like high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. So, never head out of your house without having breakfast.

7. Poor Hygiene

Do you forget to wash your hands after you have been outside? If yes, then know that this small carefree habit of yours is ultimately reducing your lifespan. Not washing your hands properly or not using an antibacterial hand wash can leave you susceptible to germs and many food-borne illnesses. Similarly, not flossing your teeth can not only affect your oral health but also can affect your heart health. Gum diseases are linked to heart problems, and thus, may have fatal consequences. For most Indians, flossing is not a part of their daily oral care routine, but it should be because regular flossing can increase a person’s life expectancy by six years. Now, maybe you’ll give flossing a serious thought.

So, these are some habits that seem harmless but are rather detrimental to your health. This new year, give up these habits to lead a healthy life.

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