Couples Fight While on Vacation & How to Avoid It

Squabble On your Travel? 5 Fights to Avoid On your Holiday

Holidays are meant to bring you closer together as a couple, but what happens when you end up fighting and feeling like you should never have planned the trip at all? Holiday fighting can leave you with distressing memories and wasted opportunities! Knowing the common reasons couples fight during travelling can help you steer way clear.

You, hubby and the kids are excited about an upcoming holiday. The bags are packed and you’re ready to embark on a much-awaited vacation. But as you set off, hubby and you start squabbling and you slowly realise it isn’t going the way you visualised it. The pretty picture you painted is marred with downs. What exactly happened?

Top Reasons Why Couples Fight while on Vacation

1. Exhaustion and Stress

Gone are the days when a vacation meant a long break from work. Now, as a wife and a mom, it can actually add to your work as there are many tasks to streamline before leaving. You sure get a respite from routine, but there’s no real respite from work. Your husband can also feel the stress, thus inviting arguments. Try to relax before leaving and involve family in the planning. This will ease your pressure and keep your nerves calm.

2. Money Matters

Here’s another big reason couples fight while on vacation: Money! Monthly expenses blow out of proportion when you plan a holiday. Though you don’t want to kill the excitement thinking about it, you can’t deny it niggles at the back of your mind. The problem increases when one parent is a spendthrift and the other is a saver. The best way to manage things is to set a budget and extra for contingencies.

3. He Hates Waiting

If you have the habit of taking ages to get ready, it can turn-off your man. The taxi’s waiting, your husband is ready, but you aren’t done perfecting your lipstick. It isn’t that you’re dilly-dallying; you just want to look the best for your man. Social media awaits and your friends are dying to see your vacation snaps. To avoid a fight and still look amazing, get up earlier so you can be ready on time!

4. Lack of Common Interests

While you may want to take a long stroll on the beach with your husband, he may want to attend a beach party. Likewise, your children may want to visit a kiddie-park. These conflicting interests can put everyone on edge. One way to prevent flaring tempers is to seek common interests, or do things everyone enjoys one at a time. A pre-vacation itinerary everyone agrees to is great!

5. Too Much Drinking

If it’s just you and hubby minus the kids on a holiday, the occasional binge drinking can be fun. But if you don’t do that well on alcohol, petty arguments can crop up. Old quarrels may be re-awakened until finally, the holiday that was supposed to strengthen your bond does the complete opposite. If you or hubby can’t handle liquor well, drink small amounts, just enough for a mellow mood, or skip it altogether.

Family holidays can be fun or a dud, depending on how you manage things. Learning how couples can avoid fighting during travel can make sure vacations do what they are supposed to: relax and rejuvenate!

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