How to Improve Digestion by Yoga

Spruce Up your Digestive System With Cool Yoga Poses

Have you been experiencing indigestion and relying on medicines to get rid of the problem? The good news is that a few yoga poses for digestion will help you feel healthier and a lot more relaxed – yes, without any meds!

Indigestion, constipation and bloating are common conditions caused due to erratic lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. While there are medicines that help deal with them, you can try yoga for digestion as natural remedies have no side effects! Don’t worry; you won’t need to twist yourself like a contortionist. Just relax and remember not do these asanas immediately after meals.

Easy-to-do Yoga Asanas for Digestion

1. Vajrasana

Fold your legs beneath you to sit on your heels with your knees on the floor and your spine straight. Place your left palm on your left knee and your right palm on your right knee. Close your eyes and slowly inhale and exhale through your nose. Repeat for five minutes. You can increase the duration to 10-15 minutes over time. Also known as the diamond pose or thunderbolt, vajrasana should be practiced after meals to ease digestion.

2. Uttanpadasana

Another good yoga pose for digestion, begin this by lying down flat on your back and placing your arms on your sides with palms facing the ground. Inhale slowly as you lift your legs from the ground and form a 45-60 degree angle. Hold for 15-20 seconds and exhale, bringing your legs down slowly. Repeat this three-four times and increase the reps gradually. Uttanpadasana is best done early in the morning.

3. Ardha Pawanmuktasana

Lie down with your back flat against the floor and place both hands below your right knee to help your leg touch the right side of your ribcage. Press hard against your ribcage while keeping your left leg on the floor. Hold it there for a minute and slowly bring it back to the floor. Repeat with the other leg. This ‘half gas release pose’ is a yoga asana for digestion that frees your system from trapped gases and stimulates bowel movement.

Ardha Pawanmuktasana

4. Kapalbhati Pranayama

Sit on the floor with legs folded and spine straight. Place your left palm on your left knee and your right palm on your right knee. Now take a deep breath and exhale, pulling your stomach in. Repeat for five minutes and increase it to 15-20 minutes over time. Try it on an empty stomach each morning.

5. Bhujangasana

Lie down on your stomach and stretch your legs behind so your knees touch. Place your hands on the ground with palms facing down. Take a deep breath and slowly lift your upper body pulling your head, shoulders and chest upwards. Stretch your arms in front so the weight of your upper body falls on your hands and thighs. Hold for some time, exhale and return to the starting position. This ‘cobra pose’ cleans the digestive tract and soothes indigestion, constipation and acidity.

Once you learn to adopt yoga for digestion, you will bid adieu to stomach disorders and also embrace the overall health benefits of yoga. Couple this with non-gas-producing food and plenty of water. Let some of these best yoga poses for better digestion bring you good health!

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