Spiritual Health - Be a Healthy Spirit by Practicing Spirituality

Spiritual Health – Have a Healthy Spirit by Practicing Spirituality

Ancient cultures and religions have stated the importance – time and time again – about how our minds, bodies, and spirits are connected. Any imbalances in the flow between these lead us to not feeling the best versions of ourselves, and to physical limitations manifesting. Spiritual people have been shown to lead much healthier lives, are less prone to gambling and drug abuse, and have a higher level of satisfaction in their lives.

Is this a coincidence? We think not. We discuss the whys below.

What Is Spiritual Health?

There is no concrete way to define or explain what spiritual health by measurable terms, but broadly speaking, spiritual health is tied to the sense of our souls being connected to the universe and beyond. As spirits, we are a small part of the universe and our spiritual health influences our purpose, existence, and how we look at our experiences and relationships in life.

How Spirituality Enhances Your Health?

Spiritually builds upon our belief systems and builds up willpower and grit – qualities essential in overcoming the hard obstacles in life. There are benefits concerning cognitive and emotional health. Spiritual teens and adults have been proven to perform well academically and lead overall productive lives.  Research shows that in some cases spirituality promotes deeper healing and cleansing, making patients feel better.

In a nutshell, since spirituality is a personal practice by many, how it enhances your health will depend on your methods, frequency of practice, and overall philosophies.

Physical Health

Researchers have studied the relationship between spirituality and health and there is a growing body of evidence that shows it helps. Here is how it impacts your physical health:

  • Improves Immunity

Taking walks in nature and praying are known to boost immunity and fight against diseases. Dr Kelly Turner, PhD, author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds says that when you pray or meditate deeply, your body and mind relax and de-stress. The body’s fight-or-flight response subsides, and the body’s cells go into the rest-and-repair mode. This allows the immune system to heal your entire body. Thus, meditation and prayer are incredibly beneficial for healing, and also preventing stress or sickness.

  • Promotes Longevity

Practising spirituality also means inculcating positive habits like eating healthy and exercising. These have shown to improve the quality of life and to promote longevity. According to one study which consisted of over 191 male participants with congestive heart failure, the risk of death lowered by 20% in those who had practised spirituality a few times a week.

  • Regulates Blood Pressure

Spirituality reduces stress levels and triggers the relaxation response in the body. This ends up lower your blood pressure by allowing the blood vessels to relax and improve blood flow.

Mental Health

Spirituality and mental health are interconnected. Here’s how:

  • Beats Depression

We feel depressed when we feel a sense of loss or a lack of direction. Spirituality helps you connect to your core and instils a sense of purpose. Through reflection, meditation, and discovering peace and stillness, the depression melts away.

  • Helps You Socialise

Spirituality enables you to get out of the house, attend prayer groups, and meet new people. You’ll discover people from all walks of life connecting and this helps you socialise. Socialising with others improves your mood, promotes a sense of bonding, and makes you happier overall.

  • Removes Emotional Blockages

People who have gone through trauma, grief or unfortunate events in life are left scarred. But spirituality helps them work through those emotions and allows them to forgive themselves. This removes emotional blockages and fosters positive thinking, both of which have shown to have profound effects in every sphere of life.

How Can You Improve Your Spiritual Health?

Spiritual Health

You can improve spirituality health and healing in the following ways-

1. Practice Mindfulness

Slowly cut down the time spent using electronics and noise from your life. When you sit down at the dinner table, make sure to spend a few moments practising gratitude and eat mindfully. Don’t watch TV when eating and spend time with your family.

2. Create Art

Drawing, doodling, and sketching are spiritual health activities that not only improve your intuitive abilities but mindfulness too. It’s like food for the soul.

3. Attend Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are a pleasant way of connecting with like-minded souls and learning how to connect with nature.

4. Travel Often

Travelling a lot shows you new perspectives and different ways of living. It changes you to the core by helping you reflect and bond with others. You can take a temporary vow of silence on your travels to be more observant and connect with yourself.

5. Read Books On Spirituality

Whether you want to explore religions or are just curious about the aspects of spirituality, reading books give you insight, rejuvenate the mind, and give you contentment. It brings peace, an inner sense of well being, and also delivers you knowledge about the principles of spirituality.

6. Visit Places of Worship on Weekends

Spending time with a spiritual community by attending the Church, Mosque, or similar places is one of the easiest ways to foster a sense of spirituality and connect with your soul

7. Spend Alone Time

Craft some time of the day to spend alone and journal your thoughts. The best thing to do during this time is to do nothing. Because nothingness gives you clarity in quiet moments.

How to Foster Spirituality Within You?

Here are a few ways to foster spirituality in the family and within you-

  • Avoid Drugs/Alcohol and Unhealthy Habits
  • Practice Sexual Abstinence or celibacy until marriage
  • Start praying every day
  • Do spiritual exercises like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga
  • Eat natural and eliminate processed foods to improve your spiritual emotional health

Being spiritual is being human and connecting with your soul. Your mind and body are powerful tools which have vast untapped potential. Practising spirituality helps you discover that inner power and reveal any hidden or lost talents. Once you start exercising your faith, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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