Sleep Accessories for Baby - Your Ultimate Checklist

Sleep Products for a Baby – Checklist for New Parents

Babies have an erratic sleeping schedule. You know this! Your little one’s unpredictable sleeping schedule is keeping you awake at nights, and you’re probably considering calling up their paediatrician to ask what you can do that both you and your baby can sleep peacefully through the night. But before you do that, take a deep breathe and think, would it help? Not so much! The paediatrician might suggest that you change your routine and give it some time.

You could give it some time, but you don’t have to lose your sleep. You can consider certain baby sleep essentials that will help your baby sleep better. While there’s no product yet manufactured that can guarantee a good night’s sleep to the baby, but there are certain products that can help the baby sleep comfortably, and hence, are worth investing in!

Essential Baby Sleep Products

Sleep is essential for your infant as comfortable and cosy sleep helps your baby to grow better. So, what all sleep products you may require for your little bundle of joy? Here we have listed down some essential sleep products that you may get for your baby:

1. A Waterproof Mattress Cover

This is a must-have accessory to keep your baby’s mattress safe from getting wet. Your little one will pee and poop multiple times in a day and if you are a mom who uses cotton nappies for her baby, then investing in a good waterproof mattress cover is a must. Make sure the mattress cover is big enough to cover the entire mattress, or else it will keep slipping and may get all coiled up. These mattress covers are usually made of plastic or rubber, and some may even have a fabric covering on top.

2. A Cosy Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle Balnket

Swaddling imitates the feeling of being inside the mother’s womb. To help your baby feel warm and cosy, get a swaddle blanket for your little one. Babies may feel startled in their sleep and wake up, but keeping them wrapped up in a blanket may help them sleep better. Newborns may take time to adapt to the new surrounding. Thus they may not be able to keep themselves warm; however, a swaddle blanket does the trick and will help your baby feel comfy and cosy. There is a proper technique of swaddling, and you may ask your doctor or midwife to learn the correct way of swaddling. Also, not all babies are a fan of this technique and if your baby seems to be cranky and irritable, take the hint.

3. Comfortable Cover Sheets

If your baby does not like being swaddled, then you may have to use cover sheets to keep your baby warm and cosy. You can get sheets in any natural fibres that feel soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin. You can opt for soft cotton, flannel or other natural fibre sheets. Also, we suggest that you do not buy oversized ones as they may get all coiled up on your baby and may suffocate him. Buy the right size sheets, and if you are unable to find the correct size, you can stitch it yourself or get it stitched from your tailor.

4. A Comfortable Baby Mattress

Baby Mattress

A polyester or cotton mattress is a complete no-no and should be avoided because it tends to bunch up and the lumps thus formed may cause discomfort to your baby. Your doctor may recommend putting your baby on his back on a flat and firm surface to sleep. Therefore, coir, spring or firm mattress may work for your baby. Your baby’s cot may come with a mattress. However, it is important that you check whether it is comfortable for your baby or not. If you are not satisfied, you may buy a mattress of your choice and place it in your baby’s cot. Waterbeds, beanbags, fleeces or any such surfaces should be avoided too as they may not be appropriate for your baby’s comfortable sleep.

5. Cosy Baby Blanket

Blankets are essential to keep the babies warm in colder conditions. Just the way you should buy the right size sheets for your baby, you should get the right size blankets too. However, refrain from using bedding rolls, duvets or quilts for your baby until one year of age. As parents, it is very normal to feel concerned about the baby, and you may want him to feel cosy and warm. However, you should not forget that your baby may need just one extra layer than you.

6. A Comfy Baby Bedside Sleeper

Baby Bedside Sleeper

Where some parents may want to sleep all snuggled up with their little munchkin, others may find it uncomfortable. If you fall into the latter category, it will be a good idea to get a baby sleeper. There are many options available in the same; however, we recommend that you pick the one that fits comfortably next to your bed so that you can quickly check on your baby at night. However, you will need to switch on to a bigger cot as your baby grows.

7. Sleep Sacks, Wearable Blankets, or Sleeping Bags

This is an excellent option for your baby to help your baby stay warm and cosy because it prevents them from kicking it off and getting out of it. Also, your baby may not get tangled up in a wearable blanket, and this will also help them stay cosy throughout the night. Pick the one suitable for your weather conditions. If you are using a wearing blanket, you should avoid using any other kind of cover as it may overheat your baby’s body.

Other Sleep Accessories for Baby

Here are some other sleep products to help baby sleep through the night:

1. A Baby Mosquito Net

Instead of putting any mosquito repellent product on your baby’s sensitive skin, the best way to save your baby from mosquitoes is by making them sleep inside a mosquito net. However, if your baby is not sleeping on the same bed and you are breastfeeding at night, then there may be a risk of mosquitoes entering the net. Therefore, you should wait to use this product until your baby stops getting up for night feeds.

2. A Soft Night-Light


You may have to get up quite a few times at night to change, feed or soothe your baby and a soft night-light may help. It is good for your baby too as most babies may feel very uncomfortable in the dark. You can choose from various varieties available in the market.

3. Baby Monitor

It is a great device that can help the parents to tend to their baby’s needs as soon as the baby starts crying. This transmitter can be placed close to the baby while they sleep, and the parents can keep the receiver with them. You can do your household chores comfortably, and check your baby in no time. There are various high-tech models available; you can choose the one that fits your budget.

4. Soothers or Pacifiers


Sometimes it may not be hunger that may wake your baby up at night, but he may need to satiate his sucking instincts, which are very comforting for the baby. However, during such times pacifiers can come to the rescue and can help your baby go back to sleep. Do not use a pacifier until your baby’s breastfeeding routine is well-established.

5. Stuffed Toys and Pillows

If your baby is less than one month of age, there is no requirement for a pillow as it may cause suffocation hazards for your baby. However, for an older baby, you can get a small and flat pillow so that your baby can rest his neck and head comfortably. Stuffed toys are a complete no-no till six months of age as they can suffocate your baby.

6. Soft Cot Bumpers

Cot Bumpers

These are soft cushions that are used to line up on the sides of your baby’s cot to protect your baby from bumping against the wooden or steel railing of the cot. Refrain from using these until your baby has good head control and stop using them once your baby can pull himself up and stand up in the cot.

7. Colourful Cot Mobiles

This can be attached to the cot and a great way of keeping your little one engrossed in observing the bright moving objects. You can get the ones that play lullabies or rhymes.

There you do, these are some products that will help your baby sleep better. However, if you have concerns or queries regarding using any product for your baby, check with your baby’s doctor. They will guide you the best!

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