Bonding Through Video Chat with Kids

Skype Away the Distance with 5 Useful Tips

Do you find it hard to video chat with your kids? Maybe you need to make the experience more interesting so your little ones pay attention. Video chatting sessions can easily turn into fun times your children will love!

Do you often have to stay away from home and your little one for work and other commitments? You certainly miss your baby and would like nothing better than to stay in touch. Thanks to progress in technology, this isn’t difficult anymore. Bonding through video chat with toddlers on Skype is one option that can make the distance dissolve in no time!

Tips for Video Chatting with Children

1. Timing it Right

Toddlers have a short attention span so it’s important that you time video chats in such a way that your children are in a good mood and attentive. The best time to chat is in the morning after breakfast as this is when they’re most alert. Avoid chatting when they’re hungry and tired as they’ll only be fussy and irritable.

2. Make Eye Contact

One of the most important tips for a video chat with kids is to make eye contact with them. In order to have toddlers listen to you and respond, it is important that they can see your face and look into your eyes. Try to make them feel like you’re talking directly to them instead of through a screen otherwise they’ll get bored and inattentive. If your hubby is home, ask him to pitch in and keep your darling entertained!

Make Eye Contact

3. Going for Favourites

Getting your pre-schoolers to show interest throughout a video chat takes some work. You can sing them their favourite song or tell them their favourite story. You could even enact it with some puppets. They’d love that and will be all ears for what you have to say. Try being funny as kids enjoy comic scenes and expressions.

4. Try a Change of Scene

Try chatting with your kids on a phone or a tablet. This makes it easy for you to move around and also gives them the freedom to show you different scenes and views. This is especially so if you have older children who are eager to tell you about school, friends and what’s been going on in their lives. However, a change of location should also work well with your toddler.

5. Expect Less

Unlike adults who can chat endlessly for hours, children lose interest quickly. Toddlers and pre-schoolers in particular get bored easily. Don’t expect your little ones to chat with you for more than five minutes at a time. Anything longer and they’ll be craving something else. It’s a good idea to end the call before they start zoning out.

Try these video chatting tips for parents when you Skype with your angels next. Schedule a chat every other day depending on how busy you are. Make sure the internet connection is stable and that your laptop, cell phone or tablet is fully charged. Get closer to your kids even when away!

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