10 Signs & Symptoms of Having Baby Boy in Pregnancy

Signs of Having a Baby Boy – How True Are They?

Having a baby can be a wonderful time in any relationship. However, with family and friends excited as well, a lot of tales and myths can come up in regards to the gender of the baby. Although a lot of these myths are just beliefs, there could be some signs of carrying a boy that could turn out to be true. Read our list to find out more about which ones are myths and which ones are backed up by science. 

When Is a Baby’s Sex Determined?

In the case of baby boy signs, the penis starts to develop around the 11th week of pregnancy. However, the gender is decided long before the 11th week, at the time of conception when the sperm fuses with the egg. It is possible to find out about the sex of the baby through a genetic test at around 10 weeks or through an anatomy scan during the 20th-week ultrasound. However, Indian law does not permit the determination of a child’s sex during pregnancy, and the family and the doctor doing so are liable to be punished for this offence.  

Symptoms That Show You Are Pregnant With a Boy – Know the Myths & Facts 

1. Morning Sickness 

Myth: In the event that there is no morning sickness or nausea, the sign is that you are pregnant with a baby boy.

Fact: Between 70%-80% of pregnant women experience morning sickness or nausea, mostly in the first trimester of their pregnancy and some of them until delivery. The gender of the baby and morning sickness are not related to each other. 

2. Heart Rate

Myth: It is believed around the world that if your baby’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, it will be a baby boy or else a baby girl.

Fact: Although this sounds scientific, it is not as most healthy babies should have a heartbeat of over 140 beats per minute in the first trimester.

3. Hair And Nails

Myth: If your body hair or nails grow faster during pregnancy it means that you are having a baby boy or else a baby girl.  

Fact: There is no truth behind this myth as the woman’s age will probably affect hair and nail growth more than the pregnancy. Estrogen prolongs hair and nail growth during pregnancy, which also results in some amount of shedding regardless of the baby’s gender. 

4. Bump Position 

Myth: It says that women who carry low are pregnant with a baby boy and women who are carrying high are pregnant with a baby girl.  

Fact: The size and position of the fetus are what decide the size of the bump. In case the foetus’ back is parallel with the mother’s, the bump will be flatter.

5. Chips Vs Ice Cream

Myth: In case you are craving savoury foods like chips and other salty delights, they are signs of carrying a boy whereas if you crave sweet food like ice cream, it means you’re carrying a baby girl.  

Fact: Unfortunately, there is no science backing up this claim. Every baby needs nutrients, so regardless of what you are craving for, it cannot determine the sex of the baby. 

6. Mood Swings

Myth: In case you are not having a lot of mood swings, it means that you are carrying a baby boy and in the event that you do have a lot of mood swings, it means you are carrying a baby girl.  

Fact: This myth is absurd because due to hormonal changes, if not all, most women will have mood swings as this is a part of the process. 

7. Cold Feet

Myth: If you have cold feet, it means you are carrying a baby boy.  

Fact: This is a silly myth because cold feet are caused by a number of factors including poor circulation, anaemia and hypothyroidism. In the case of pre-gestational diabetes, it is important to monitor cold feet because it could be the cause of an underlying problem.

8. Ring Test

Myth: You have to tie a ring to a piece of string and hang it in front of your belly. In case it goes back and forth, it means you’re carrying a baby boy. If the ring goes round in circles, it means you’re carrying a girl.  

Fact: This has absolutely no truth to it. The ring and its motion do not determine anything at all. Some say the myth is the other way, which goes to show how unreliable it is. 

9. Urine Test

Myth: The change in the colour of your urine can determine the sex of the baby. In case your urine is darker, it means you’re carrying a baby boy.

Fact: The colour of urine during pregnancy can change due to a number of reasons including medication, supplements and diet. Darker urine usually means that you are dehydrated and should load up on some water. It is definitely not indicative of the gender of the baby.

10. Linea Nigra

Myth: Linea nigra is the line on your skin that extends across the belly up to the ribcage. In case it goes all the way up to the rib cage, it is thought that you are carrying a baby boy.  

Fact: Linea nigra is just one of the ways your skin is affected during pregnancy. It is just a pigmentation of your skin and not an indicator of the gender of the baby.

Having a baby can be a wonderful time in any couple’s life. Ideally, you shouldn’t worry about gender because regardless of it, the baby should be loved and taken care of. The miracle of life shouldn’t be given tags and loved more or less based on gender. Make sure you don’t fall for these age-old mythical signs you are having a boy or girl and search for scientific backings for any claims. All the best!  

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