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Should Kids Try Cleansing?

Cleansing is a restorative program that helps build immunity, maintain an ideal weight, and activate the mind and body to work at an optimum level. Doing detox involves using body cleanse for children that can cleanse taste buds and help kick their cravings for a healthy diet that can benefit their successful future.


What Does Cleanse Mean?

Detoxification, detox, or cleansing is a popular buzzword in modern times. It typically implies following a specific diet or using special products that claim to eliminate the toxins built up in our body, thereby improving health and promoting weight loss. It rejuvenates our body by enhancing its natural detoxification system. The term “toxin” in the context of detox diets includes fluoride in water, pollutants in the air, everyday household products containing heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, and processed foods, which all negatively affect the health of children. Although unfortunately, today’s kids are routinely exposed to toxins every single day. Hence, it is important to try cleanses for kids that eliminate toxins by limiting exposures and implementing extensive detoxification with supplements or chelation.

The liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, large intestine, and sweat glands are the main organs involved in the detoxification process. The body works round the clock to break down and neutralize the toxins to remove them out of the body in the form of sweat, urine, and feces. Detoxing involves a complex process that is mostly dependent on a good amount of nutrients like minerals, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and other compounds. The effect of cleanses for children can last few days or take as long as a month. Detox diet plans vary from one another; however, most involve a fast version that directs giving up solid food for a while and then gradually reintroducing with fruits and vegetables. Certain kinds of juices, vitamins, and minerals are easily digested and therefore act as effective cleanses. Many encourage people to have colonic irrigation or enemas to “clean out” the colon with water. Others recommend that you take special teas, herbs, or supplements to help the “purification” process that can magically transform your child’s body.


Is Cleansing Healthy & Safe For Kids?

Even if celebrities endorse detoxification, should your child try a cleanse? Well, there’s no recommended cleanse for kids. Cleansing in the past was about fasting and austerities. Now, We can all uplevel our kid’s health by engaging with green and clean plant life for a detox. Despite all its goodness, parents need to be cautious about doing intense detoxing with kids. Children’s immune system resides mostly in the gut and dictates how well your child’s body can fight the influx of toxins. Hence, supporting the gut means supporting the immune system that renders the body capable of detoxifying daily. When the gut flora is destroyed, the body cannot handle the assaults of toxins, leading to their build-up, followed by conditions like autism, asthma, eczema, and ADHD. A good probiotic can positively impact your child’s gut health and overall ability to detox. You should include raw and fermented foods in your child’s diet to promote good gut flora. Nevertheless, like all fad diets, there’s no scientific proof to support detox diet for kids. Moreover, it can sometimes be harmful to active kids and teens as they need to fuel their energy levels for exercise or focus on school work. Cleanses are typically very low in calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, leading to nutritional deficiencies. A cleanse can lead to muscle loss, even if it is for few days. When you restrict food, kids will lose motivation for good habits. Many detox diets use herbs or natural supplements that aren’t approved by the FDA and have side effects on children’s metabolism, digestive, and central nervous systems that are still maturing.

Reasons Why Your Child May Need Cleansing

Should children be cleansing at all? A gentle detox can be a helpful tool to bring your child’s wellness to the next level. Let’s see why it is needed:


  • Toxin build-up can lead to the development of mucus or cold. Excessively processed foods clog up lymph systems leading to allergies. Acidic ash in the blood prompts bad behavioral issues. Acne, weight gain, and other social pleasantries are all related to increased toxin levels in our bodies.
  • Avoiding certain foods that are keeping them down can help kids to feel much better.
  • With the increasing issue of childhood obesity, having your child detox from fatty foods like grains, sugar, dairy, or processed foods can accelerate their weight loss journey.
  • By cutting out bread/pasta or animal products from your kids’ diets for short period of time can get them out of the habit of eating junk food all the time and make them discover fresh and fulfilling food.
  • Parents embarking on their own detoxes can include their kids to explore new healthy recipes, create one meal for all, and enjoy them together as a family.

Ways to Safely Detox, Your Child

1. Avoid Toxic Foods

Choosing organic food is essential for reducing exposure to herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs. Buy seasonal food only and from local organic farmers. You can even try growing them in your kitchen garden. Avoid foods that contain preservatives, food colorings, and artificial sweeteners. Buy whole foods with minimal packaging. Use glass, ceramic, or stainless-steel containers for heating and storing hot food. Avoid plastic bottles. Drink and cook with water from a good water purifier. Cook in non-toxic pots and pans that aren’t worn or scuffed to minimize the release of toxic compounds while cooking.


2. Focus on Nutrition

Children need to eat a well-rounded diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, pastured eggs, raw dairy, and grass-fed meats that gives them proper nutrition.


3. Juicing

Targeted nutrition through juicing can be beneficial for kids. Not only does juicing provide easily digested vitamins and minerals, but specific fruits and vegetable juices can target particular detox mechanisms.


4. Promote Good Gut Flora

Probiotics works as a good gut cleanse for a child. It strengthens the gut to deal with the influx of toxins and supports the immune system.


5. Outdoor Playing

Playing active games in the sun every day is very important for kids. Regular exercise stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins. Vitamin D is necessary for our immune systems to function properly and the bodies of children to detox.

6. Infrared Saunas And Epsom Bath

Kids over age six can use infrared saunas for up to 20 minutes under parental supervision. This produces a lower temperature than the conventional sauna, and the surfaces don’t get heated enough to cause contact burn. A sauna bath can help to distress and calm the nervous system. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, a compound comprised of two minerals – magnesium and sulfur that helps to flush out toxins from the body. Epsom salt baths can be a safe way to increase levels of Epsom salt since they can be absorbed through the skin.


As every child is different, use a diet plan that works for your child or consult your pediatrician before introducing one. Creating a healthier world for our kids will be our lifelong battle as parents, which sometimes may feel overwhelming but, in the end, is completely worth it!

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