6 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Sex your way to a Healthy Life

The advantages of sex, apart from providing unbridled passion and pleasure, are quite interesting to note. A good round of sex lulls you into sleep, helps burn those extra calories, and relieves you of any stress you may be harbouring as a busy mom. So, get your mojo on ladies.

A good romp in the bed will go a long way in keeping you healthy and happy, besides keeping that spark alive with your partner. It doesn’t stop there! A little roll in the hay will ensure you remain a youthful mom who doesn’t need anti-ageing creams. Get ready to decode the nookie secrets that are doing you and your body a world of good. Explore all the amazing health benefits of sex, which go beyond just a good orgasm and cuddles.

How Everyday Sex is Keeping You Healthy

1. Keeps The Heart Healthy

Listen up! If you have sex more than twice in a week you’re less likely to have a cardiac arrest. Too bad if you’re stuck with the one-session-a-month limbo because of your child’s school examinations or too many office deadlines that bog you and your mood down. Such a schedule is likely to make you fall prey to cardiovascular problems. The message is loud and clear – sex sets your heart racing for all the right reasons.

2. Stress Buster

Juggling between packing tiffins for your little one and making office presentations can really get to you sometimes. While a cup of coffee may be your way to ward off stress, sex could be an enjoyable and healthy alternative you shouldn’t ever shy away from. A good round of bedroom pleasure releases endorphins – the happy hormones – thus making you better equipped to handle stress. How do you even say no to free happiness and those accompanying free hugs?

3. Longevity

When you orgasm, you release a hormone medically known as dehydroepiandrosterone. The release of this hormone builds immunity and keeps your skin glowing while also repairing tissues. Little wonder, women who are lucky enough to reach two orgasms or more, live longer than those who have sex just once a month. Good skin and a long life – we’re already in the 7th heaven!

Sex your way to a Healthy Life

4. Boosts Blood Flow

Have you ever asked yourself – is sex healthy? The answer is a resounding yes. Sex is an exercise that races your heart beat and makes your breathing more rapid, in turn improving blood circulation. This cleanses your blood stream of toxins that cause diseases and lethargy. This means you can spend more time playing with your child and teaching him poems and good table manners – all without getting tired!

5. Sleep Better

After a heady and passionate session of lovemaking, you can expect to sleep like a baby. As a mom, sleep can be a luxury – a gift that sex literally brings to you in the comfort of your bedroom. It can’t get better than this right? When you sleep well, you automatically start feeling healthy, happy, and relaxed. However, this doesn’t mean that you overexert yourself in the bedroom every night. Now that could leave you tired!

6. Fit as a Fiddle

One of the best benefits of having sex is that it helps burn those extra calories you put in during that summer vacation with your kids. Sounds comforting? It also saves you from spending a lot of unnecessary money at the gym. A dose of naughty sex at least thrice in a week can do amazing things for your waistline, your overall body image, and your confidence. The calories you stand to get rid of as a result? 80 per session! We say light some scented candles, play his favourite jazz track, and pounce!

There are several survival benefits of sex for women. From getting that drop dead glowing skin to keeping your blood pressure under check, the between-the-sheets drama does a woman a ton of good. The next time you’re tired of all those diaper changing and cooking sessions and feel lazy about sex, remind yourself of the umpteen advantages of sex and get ready to roll!

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