Sexual Astrology - Zodiac Sign and Seduction Styles

Sex And Your Sun Sign: What’s Your Seduction Style?

If you believe in zodiac signs, then you should know that your sex life is related to it. Seduction by sign differs. In fact, the equation an Aries will share with a Scorpio is different, based on how their sun signs relate.

Your sun sign can tell you a lot about why you are the way you are in the bedroom. Hard to believe? Read and be amazed with these seduction facts, according to your sun sign, no one told you.

Sun Sign and Seduction

1. Aries

As an Aries woman, you love things fast and furious. It excites you to get the action done and dusted. You definitely know how to hit all the right spots. Your man will never grow tired of you. Lucky boy!

2. Taurus

A Taurus woman is never in a rush, sexually. You like to take things slow. For you, love is an art and an emotional journey. Pleasing your partner is what you do best. If he wants a smooth ride, you are just the lady he needs.

3. Gemini

A Gemini woman lets to get her kink on. You like to play around and tease your man into submission. Boredom is a word seldom associated with you. However, you tend to get bored sexually, too. Keeping things interesting in the bedroom is of paramount importance.

4. Cancer

Cancerians are all about raw emotion and feeling. If they are not feeling the love, they make things very clear. You are the kind that prefers to cuddle and snuggle up all night with your man. It isn’t a bad thing necessarily.

5. Leo

A Leo woman is intense and passionate in bed. You don’t worry what the neighbours will think. Since you crave the spotlight, filming your sexual escapades would only be the natural thing to do for you. Sexual gymnastics in front of the mirror is what turns you on, too.

6. Virgo

As a Virgo, you like to take things slow. Building up the sexual energy and then taking it to the next level is what you do best. You prefer men who have the same rules in mind. One of the sexually compatible sun signs for you could be a Taurus man.

7. Libra

Libran women love being in control. You are peaceful and hospitable. However, you do appreciate the compliments and flattery. Afterall, which woman doesn’t enjoy a little ego pampering? With the magnitude of your charm, any man would be happy to have you.


8. Scorpio

Scorpio women enjoy being passionate in bed. You don’t have any reservations. Most men would enjoy being in your company. Spicing things up in the bedroom is what you do best. Making love to a man from an equally fiery sun sign could be interesting.

9. Sagittarius

You like to experiment with new positions in bed. There is never a dull moment in the bedroom with you. Your partner will never grow tired of you. Why? Because he would never know what to expect from you. Super fun and super sexy – that’s what you are!

10. Capricorn

You like catering to the needs and wishes of your partner. This is the reason why your partner is so fond of you. You’re a catch. Period!

11. Aquarius

You let your imagination dictate the way to function in bed. There is always something new in store from you. You enjoy witty repartee and prefer men who can stimulate you intellectually. You have a way with words. Some intelligent, dirty talk, maybe?

12. Pisces

You like things to get frisky in the bedroom. You form a strong bond with your partner. Intimacy is important to you. Your man will thank his lucky stars for you.

Your Zodiac sign and seduction styles go hand in hand. They give you a good picture of what your partner can expect in the bedroom. Choosing a partner who is a sexually compatible match will make things doubly interesting in the romance department.

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